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Forgotten Tomb – Nihilistic Estrangement (Agonia)

Well it’s estranged times for all of us but thankfully this has not stopped Italian outfit Forgotten Tomb from knocking up their tenth album, even if it does mean a planned tour with Vanhelga and Totalselfhatred (which I would have… Continue Reading →

Frantic Aggressor – Land Mine Logic (S/R)

Well that’s a coincidence, this CD turned up in a package alongside a new album by Nocturnal Breed and of course underground pop-pickers they have a song on their first album called… Frantic Aggressor. Further to this I see the… Continue Reading →

Empty – Vacio (Osmose)

I remembered Spanish band Empty not by their name which is hardly remarkable but by the cover art to their third album The House Of Funerary Hymns which certainly caught my attention on release in 2009 with its spooky imagery… Continue Reading →

Vanhelga – Fredagsmys (Osmose)

Well firstly a belated congratulations to Vanhelga for finally getting a bit of a step up and signing to Osmose. It’s great that the Swedish band can spread their misery further afield and hopefully they may even get some better… Continue Reading →

Totalselfhatred – Solitude (Osmose)

DSBM I never really know how to feel about it, even now as a pretty long term fan of the genre I don’t quite know what to make of it all. It comes in so many forms, the extremity of… Continue Reading →

Ofdrykkja – Irrfärd (Avantgarde)

Ofdrykkja has come a long way since its first release, the beguiling (if that’s the right word for a self-confessed depressive suicidal black metal band) and harrowing A Life Worth Losing in 2014. Back then things were strictly lo-fi but… Continue Reading →

None – S/T (Hypnotic Dirge)

It’s probably not surprising that there is little in the way of information available about a band called None. They don’t pop up in the normal places you would try and gather facts about everything from band members to releases,… Continue Reading →

Vanhelga – Ode And Elegy (S/R)

Before you read the review we are proud to be one of the websites asked to host the brand new accompanying video for “Utan Mening.”  The song used in the video, is the opening track from “Ode & Elegy, the band’s… Continue Reading →

Furia – Nocel (Pagan Records)

When reviewing Dayal Patterson’s The Cult Never Dies Volume 1 recently I commented about the fact that there were quite a few of the original Polish black metal bands that I had not really heard. This band Furia although only… Continue Reading →

Vardan – The Night The Loneliness (Moribund)

I almost deleted the digital promo for this thinking I had only just reviewed it but nope that was last month and ‘Verses From Ancient Times.’ Vardan is already on his second album of 2015 and if what the PR… Continue Reading →

Eskapi – Välkommen till (O)verkligheten (Art Of Propaganda)

The fertile but not right by any means mind of J Gabrielson (Lifelover, Vanhelga) strikes again with a new musical project. Here he provides vocals and lyrics whilst partner in insanity C.J. does everything instrumentally. The debut E.P. does have… Continue Reading →

Vanhelga – Längtan (Art Of Propaganda)

Blimey this lot work quickly! I only reviewed the Swedes (album length) EP Sommar at the end of last year and that came rather swiftly from previous album Host earlier in the year and here they are again. Not that… Continue Reading →

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