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Ancestral Lore – Behind The Night Horizon (S/R)

Nostalgia is something that can randomly hit any of the senses, sometimes when you least expect it. Music is a given for taking you back to a particular point of time and it is often a pleasure when listening to… Continue Reading →

Lords Of The Cemetery – Path Of Damara (Great Dane Records)

This is the second album by this French death metal outfit whose debut was a typically old school death metal affair but done with French flair by adding occult like adornments to the songs as this sophomore continues that avenue… Continue Reading →

Vanguard X Mortem – Amberosia (Noir Carrousel)

“Baroque” is not a word you will often hear as a descriptor for a metal band, but that is exactly how Vanguard X Mortem describe themselves, as well as “Symphonic, Atmospheric and Vampyric”. Sound interesting? Then read on….. Formed in… Continue Reading →

Lords of the Cemetery – Citipati (Great Dane)

There’s something about duos in extreme metal that guarantees sheer, heavy brilliance. Whether it’s the pioneering, black metal tones of Darkthrone or the beautifully harrowing grind of Anaal Nathrakh, you can never go wrong with a decent duo. Naturally, Frenchmen… Continue Reading →

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