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Van Records

Interview – Dautha

Swedish doomsters Dautha set the great bell tolling with their demo almost two years ago which was at long last followed with a full release last month. Brethren of the Black Soil fulfilled expectations of an epic doom event as… Continue Reading →

King Dude, The Ruins Of Beverast, (Dolch) & Crom Dubh – London Dome 24/10/17

Firstly mention should be made of German label Ván Records who all the band’s tonight are signed to. They seem to be going from strength to strength and really have their fingers on the pulse. The versatility of the outfits… Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Blood at London Underworld – 25/11/11

It’s crazy at this time of year especially at weekends when there are loads of good gigs on every night and you really have to pick and choose what you go to. Tonight is no exception and that’s just in… Continue Reading →

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