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Obscuring Veil – Fleshvoid To Naught (I, Voidhanger Records)

With just four tracks, only two of which could be considered songs in the traditional sense, my initial impression of “Fleshvoid To Naught” was dismay at what appeared to be an incoherent jumble of half formed ideas drowning in a… Continue Reading →

Shining – X – Varg Utan Flock (Season Of Mist)

The death throes of one shitty year of existence have barely stopped twitching and another one is just about ready to be shat into existence. Same hopelessness, misery, discontent and feelings of negativity and it seems almost perfect that greeting… Continue Reading →

Antzaat – The Black Hand Of The Father (Immortal Frost)

Antzaat are something of an Enigma with limited information available about them giving an air of mystery, further compounded by their promo photos with hoods up and faces obscured. However, what I do know is that this Belgian quartet have… Continue Reading →

Endezzma – The Arcane Abyss (Pulverised)

Pure Norwegian devil worship here! Endezzma was borne to rotten life by Trondr Nefas of Urgehal (R.I.P) along with Morten Shax. There’s been line-up changes aplenty but somehow the band have managed to soldier on and principally includes live members… Continue Reading →

Dayal Patterson – Black Metal Into The Abyss (The Cult Never Dies)

If such honours were bestowed Dayal Patterson is fast becoming the person most likely to be recognised as being an official biographer of the black metal scene. This is now his third book following on from Feral House publication Black… Continue Reading →

True Black Dawn – Come The Colorless Dawn (World Terror Committee Productions)

It appears this Finnish black metal act has had to add the word true to their name due to some other band called Black Dawn that threatened legal action which is completely retarded. Still Mayhem added true to their name… Continue Reading →

Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom (Season of Mist)

Anyone who thought black metal legends Urgehal would dream of serving up half measures on their final album need only look at the guest list. Like a Who’s Who of Norwegian black metal, the list includes Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto, Hoest… Continue Reading →

Imperial Triumphant – Shrine To The Trident Throne (Code666)

I may be going through a phase of listening to black metal bands that melt my brain rather than just melting my face, but how about something that can do both? Step forward Imperial Triumphant who have been finding ways… Continue Reading →

Sarkom – Doomsday Elite (Karisma)

There is certainly something elite about this line-up as it contains members of So Much For Nothing, Svarttjern and Urgehal in its ranks. It has been some time since last 2008 album ‘Bestial Supremacy’ although a couple of EP’s have… Continue Reading →

Interview – Koldbrann

As the stylishly subtle artwork to Koldbrann’s new album ‘Vertigo’ hints, there is something a bit different about this Norwegian regime in 2013. To explain all, core members Kvass and Mannevond kindly agreed to talk with Ave Noctum. AN: First… Continue Reading →

Endezzma – Erotik Nekrosis (Agonia)

So what gets your goat the most? Is it po-faced black metal bands who serve their Lord Master Satan with true dedication and are adherents of the much revered left hand path of never mentioned shubanagadingdong cult, or those who… Continue Reading →

Deception/Demonic Slaughter – Worshippers of the Darkness (Hellthrasher Productions)

This is a split release between death metal barbarians Deception and the evil black metal horde Demonic Slaughter, both fromPoland. Presented in a real nice fold out digipack, the two bands have a fair bit of history behind them, the… Continue Reading →

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