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Kevlar Bikini – OPT-OUTism (Geenger Records)

Although slightly late to this bikini party (story of my life), I really enjoyed this Croatian trio’s 3rd album Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms released via Geenger Records back in 2018. Although not the sort of style that I would… Continue Reading →

Human Impact – S/T (Ipecac Recordings)

In what could only be described as any self-respecting fan of so called ‘Noise Rock/Metal’, this judicious melding of minds between Chris Spencer (Unsane), Jim Coleman’s sampling mayhem (Cop Shoot Cop), Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop/Swans) and sticky, pounding bass… Continue Reading →

Membrane – Burn Your Bridges (Atypeek Music)

What’s with that bird on the cover? Is this a picture of some kind of ritual I’m not aware of, or is it just a picture of a dead bird? Also, why is the bird placed on someone’s bound-together feet?… Continue Reading →

Kevlar Bikini – Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms (Geenger Records)

Grab a Kevlar Bikini, you too can look sexy in a war-zone and it’s guaranteed to confuse and distract your enemy! I can’t see such a fashion item catching on particularly but I am sure I have seen such accoutrements… Continue Reading →

Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights (Rise Above)

Old crustbags never die, it just smells like it. Ah yes Antisect, the original squat the lot Anarcho punks have a hell of a history behind them which stretches right back to 1982 and has somehow resisted and existed and… Continue Reading →

Unsane – Sterilize (Southern Lord)

Album ♯7 from Unsane, purveyors of New York’s post punk/hardcore, noise rock or whatever you want to call their style. Their career has spanned almost thirty years. My first encounter was their 2005 album “Blood Run” which mixed aggression with… Continue Reading →

Jonbar Hinge – S/T (Division Records)

Science fiction the muse for many a band and if you were wondering a Jonbar Hinge is from the realm of time travel and a historical divergence point that can alter the course of history. It is also the name… Continue Reading →

False Flags – Hexmachine (S/R)

Another day, another good band from Leeds. Seriously, this city is churning out quality bands even more so than usual, which is saying something considering the prolific nature of the Leeds music scene. This time it’s hardcore/hard rock group False… Continue Reading →

Pigs – Wronger (Solar Flare)

I like pigs. Lovely oinky creatures, they also taste nice. After listening to the 2nd album from this New York trio, I think the band are OK too. Pigs consists of Unsane’s Dave Curran, Freshkills’ Jim Paradise, and Converge producer… Continue Reading →

Stuntman – Incorporate The Excess (Solar Flare)

Whoa in your face cover-art on this one that’s guaranteed to make your eyes bleed and listening to the music on this will do the same to your ears too. If this were a stuntman in real life it would… Continue Reading →

Sofy Major – Idolize (Solar Flare Records)

There’s an identity to the sound of this album. This is muddy, crusty, bluesy style rock metal from the USA, except that Sofy Major are French. It was recorded in the USA, however, with assistance in recording from guys involved… Continue Reading →

Winters – Berlin Occult Bureau (Van Records)

The cover of this screams black metal – black and white, gothic font, skulls, but this is as far from black metal  (musically that is) as you can get within the rock world. Lyrically and subject wise ‘Berlin Occult Bureau’… Continue Reading →

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