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Dead Kosmonaut – Rekviem (High Roller Records)

Now this is a quirky bunch from Sweden whose sophomore EP takes you down a time portal into the 70s where riffing trickery was linked to emotive powerhouse lead work. Comprising of five established musicians notably Pelle Gustafson from Nifelheim… Continue Reading →

Ribspreader – Crawl and Slither (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

This is the eighth – yes, eighth full length release for Ribspreader since 2004. When you add on the fact that this old-school Swedish death metal band is just one of twenty one bands that main man Rogga Johansson is… Continue Reading →

Sol De Sangre / Panico Al Miedo – La Senda de la Muerte (War Anthem Records)

Here’s a little gem. This is a split EP featuring two tracks by  both Colombian Death Metallers Sol De Sangre and Spanish Death-Thrashers Panico Al Miedo with both bands picking a couple of their favourite choice cuts from death metal… Continue Reading →

Befouled – Refuse to Rot (Great Dane)

Norwegian band Befouled’s death metal style is said to be for fans of Dismember, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Unleashed and At The Gates amongst others. What I experienced here was death metal at the thrashier end, with drums going thirteen to… Continue Reading →

Midgardsblot – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 17 – 19th August 2017 Day 2

DAY TWO: FRIDAY As I mentioned in the day one review this festival isn’t purely about music as arriving early I decided to do the guided tour of the burial grave mounds within Borre Park. After which it was time… Continue Reading →

Firespawn – The Reprobate (Century Media)

If you’re not familiar with Firespawn then let me enlighten you. The band members are a veritable who’s who of Swedish death metal, featuring members of Unleashed, Entombed AD, Necrophobic & Skineater. As solid a pedigree as you’ll find in… Continue Reading →

Warcrab – Scars Of Aeons (Transcending Obscurity)

I like the simple things, in music as well as in life. Let me explain….. Now in “real life” I’m somewhat of an accomplished barbecue chef. While I enjoy, and get a kick out of doing long, slow cooks like… Continue Reading →

Phazm – Scornful of Icons (Osmose)

Next in line for the bands-who-should-be-bigger award this year is Phazm who, arguably, only have themselves to blame after an eight year hiatus that is the sort of thing that can only really be career limiting for a band still… Continue Reading →

Interview – Entombed A.D.

Well documented kerfuffles caused the implosion of one of the most respected and veteran Swedish death metal bands Entombed and we were worried that it was going to be a case of them resting in pieces for a while. Steely… Continue Reading →

Bodyfarm – Battle Breed (Cyclone Empire)

Dutch old school death metallers Bodyfarm are back with their third album ‘Battle Breed’. Their previous one – 2013’s ‘The Coming Scourge – was an impressive introduction for this listener, displaying a range of moods and punishing compositions to revel… Continue Reading →

Czech Metal Fest 2015 – Plzen, Amfitéatr Lochotin 7th June 2015

Day Three   With a change in the weather forecast for this day a cooler temperature was welcomed as the ten minute drizzle on the walk down was the only rain we had contrary to the reports and some deluging… Continue Reading →

Discreation – Procreation of the Wretched (FDA Rekotz)

This German death metal troop have been recording for some time, this is my first experience of them and in true FDA Rekotz label fashion, this has end result that is a touch special! If you take the heritage of… Continue Reading →

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