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Helheim, Vulture Industries, Madder Mortem & Caelestia – London Unicorn 1/5/19

It was a bit of a surprise seeing this gig shifted from the much bigger Underworld to The Unicorn up the hill in Camden. Ticket sales do dictate and normally this show would have seen many more attending but with… Continue Reading →

Stargazer, Undergang & Foul Body Autopsy – London Unicorn 20/7/15

It’s actually very easy to find yourself gazing at stars in Camden. You just stand around a while looking lost and sure enough some street urchin will be along quickly enough to cosh you round the head and lift your… Continue Reading →

The Sun Explodes, Beneath the Wake, Black Polaris, Sayonara Sweetheart and Derange at Unicorn, Camden 2/10/13

Once upon a time, I’d have got to know about this concert from a flyer I’d been handed or maybe by looking at a scruffy note in a club or pub window. But this is 2013. It was a band… Continue Reading →

Caina, Hordes, Barshasketh – London Unicorn 6/9/13

An interesting line-up as ever put on completely free at the Unicorn saw many heading out of the centre of Camden and trooping up the hill looking for some bleak and black extremity. First up were Barshasketh all the way… Continue Reading →

Sodomizer, Decrepid, Hellkommander & Sturmtiger – London Unicorn 1/2/13

The Unicorn is fast becoming the place to go and the pub is putting on some excellent extreme underground metal shows at the moment, best of all they are completely free. Another good thing is the hipsters stay safely down… Continue Reading →

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