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Vortice – Host (Alone Records)

If you like your metal to be modern, heavy, energetic, melodic and djenty, this is for you. Vortice come from Barcelona and are releasing their third album with “Host”. They were presented to me as a band who play thrash,… Continue Reading →

TechFest 2013, near Peterborough, Saturday 13th July 2013

The Cambridgeshire Fens are certainly an interesting choice of venue for a festival. It’s not going to disturb the neighbours because there aren’t any, but it’s also nigh on impossible to get to other than by bike or car. This… Continue Reading →

Benea Reach – Possession (Spinefarm)

For those of a djenty disposition, here’s Benea Reach from Norway. This collection of ten wide-reaching and substantial chunks makes up their third album release. Let me say now that Benea Reach not a version of Uneven Structure or Vildjharta…. Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – Part 3 – Sun 7th October – Baarlo, Holland

Sunday was a cold and chilly day. Some Progpeople went for a run in the morning, while others just … chilled out. First up at the JC Sjiwa club today was Atlantis from the host country. An electro-ambient rhythm ran… Continue Reading →

Periphery – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal (Century Media/Sumerian)

Meshuggah-worship comes in many forms. Front of the queue, bowl in hand, was a young Misha Mansoor. Naturally, he went on to start his personal project, Bulb, and form the band Periphery and the kind of math-heavy, palm-muted power chords… Continue Reading →

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