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Unearthly Trance

Fell Ruin – To The Concrete Drifts (I Voidhanger)

This is apparently the second release from US band Fell Ruin, but the first full length and the first I’ve heard of them. What’s within? Well ‘Respire’ is the acoustic guitar intro which takes route A and simply stops before… Continue Reading →

Unearthly Trance – Stalking The Ghost (Relapse)

It’s been a while. Six years since their last full length and ten since I last crossed paths with Unearthly Trance. As my losing touch was accidental (money, time, health) rather than deliberate it’s good to know where they are… Continue Reading →

Behold the Monolith – Architects of the Void (S/R)

LA’s BTM are a stoner/doom band, who unfortunately lost their vocalist in a car accident recently, and have regrouped with a new line-up featuring Jordan Nailey on vocals and bassist Jason Casanova whom some of you might know from Sasquatch…. Continue Reading →

Caronte – Church of Shamanic Goetia (Van)

This is Italy’s answer to the likes of Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre and with some vocals that sound sometimes like Danzig. Essentially this is tripped out, heavy as hell doom. Even after the first listen, this is an awesome release…. Continue Reading →

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