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Blaze Out – Instinct (BloodFireDeath)

Catalonian metallers Blaze Out join a long list of Iberian Peninsula based metal bands I have covered, and all of them have one thing in common- they have a serious rhythmic groove to them. From Angelus Apatrida to Pánico Al… Continue Reading →

Endsight – A Vicious Circle (S/R)

This Greek bunch released this album digitally back in 2013 with a physical release materialising during 2014 but it seems it is getting a second push and has landed on my review pile this month. With an album already out… Continue Reading →

Unearth – Watchers of Rule (Century Media)

Unearth have always been the odd ones out in the metalcore world. Technically proficient with their musicianship, as aggressive as hardcore but not quite hardcore, they sit somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. However, compared to many other bands… Continue Reading →

Voice of Ruin – Morning Wood (Tenacity Music)

Hailing from a farm somewhere in Switzerland, Voice of Ruin have had to stop tending to the cows, put down their shovels and pitchforks and pick up their instruments once again to record their newest offering ‘Morning Wood’, because, as… Continue Reading →

Vera Cruz – SkinAndTeethAndNails (Season Of Mist)

Meaning “true cross” the French band Vera Cruz (yes, we’re not talking about the place, the film, the computer virus, the football club or the canyon here) are a group who wear their music influences as badges of honour. They… Continue Reading →

As I Lay Dying – Awakened (Metal Blade)

Do you like metalcore? Yes, then continue reading; No, then you may as well go elsewhere. Wikipedia has the definition of metalcore as a cross between extreme metal and hardcore punk… BOLLOCKS is my response to that as metalcore is… Continue Reading →

All Hail The Yeti – All Hail The Yeti (AFM Records)

These Sasquatch-obsessed metalheads are based in sunny Los Angeles rather than the wilds of some wintry country and that is, indeed, rather baffling. Only a mug would believe these songs were written on the beach and their PR blurb leads… Continue Reading →

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