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Vltimas, Fen & De Profundis – London Underworld 21/6/19

There has been plenty to entertain today and firstly we are all amused no end of a certain band of wimps and posers crying and throwing toys out of prams in France. There’s plenty more excitement from those on the… Continue Reading →

Christian Death, Darkcell & The Creeping Terrors – London Underworld 25/5/19

Always a pleasure to have Christian Death in town and fair play to the cult American act they always seem to manage to stop off in London for a visit. Things had not started well for them though and one… Continue Reading →

Samael & Hangman’s Chair – London Underworld 14/5/19

It’s not that often you find yourself at a show with just the one support band and no local acts cluttering up the bill. In a way it makes a refreshing change and by 8PM when things start everyone has… Continue Reading →

Dr. Living Dead!, Comaniac – London Underworld 1/2/18

I was hoping to catch Rezet or at least the tail end of their set, but they were done by ten to eight with Comaniac already setting up and ready to go by five past, which they didn’t do, rather… Continue Reading →

Mutation, Barrabus & Nasty Little Lonely – London Underworld 1/11/17

As I am not making it to Damnation Festival this year this was a bit of a treat to catch Mutation who are playing there along with Barrabus who are doing the pre-show. First however it’s a case of the… Continue Reading →

Akercocke, Hecate Enthroned & Kill For Company – London Underworld 28/10/17

Camden seems even madder tonight, for some reason everyone thinks it’s Halloween and needs to be dressed like clowns, evil ones included. There’s a queue outside the fancy dress shop stretching down the street and everywhere is packed. Seeking sanctuary… Continue Reading →

Archgoat, Bölzer, Svartidaudi, Eggs of Gomorrh – London Underworld 3/10/17

Anyone up for a ‘Continental Crucifixion’, just put your hands up. Oh I see they already are. The old ones are the best and this line up is certainly a cracking one, speaking of which how do you like them… Continue Reading →

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, Amulet, Eliminator, Seven Sisters – London Underworld 23/9/17

To celebrate the release of the album ‘British Steel – The Rising Force of British Heavy Metal’, a new compilation on Dissonance Productions, there were various events planned including a couple of live shows (Friday night at the Dev with… Continue Reading →

Prong, Spoil Engine & Hark – London Underworld 22/7/17

I have missed Prong the last few times they have played London due to clashes but on the strength of cracking new album Zero Days nothing was going to prevent me from seeing them tonight. Filtering in out of the… Continue Reading →

Persefone and Poem – London Underworld, 16/4/17

After a quick check of the merch stand I was in familiar territory … the pit at the Underworld. I’ve taken to looking at merch stands nowadays for bizarre items. A recent one was Haken coffee, which I resisted at… Continue Reading →

King Dude, Sol Invictus, Of The Wand And Moon – London Underworld 11/4/17

I had been looking forward to this one having never seen King Dude and loving his albums. Excellent supports made this a huge draw too and it was nice to actually go to a mellow show for a change and… Continue Reading →

Grand Magus, Planet of Zeus, Blind River – London Underworld 2/4/17

April 2017 will be heralded as the month that had all of the gigs. ALL of them. With something happening pretty much every night, promoters are grappling to push ticket sales for the abundance of shows for fear of poor… Continue Reading →

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