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Bastard Grave – Diorama Of Human Suffering (Pulverised)

If you’re a Metalhead and not into Death Metal then seriously what are you doing? I understand that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but surely if you like Slayer, Kreator, Sodom or any other more extreme Thrash act then… Continue Reading →

Doom Over London Part 1 – London Dome 25/3/16

Easter Weekend and held over 3 days, Doom Over London hits town at a busy time that sees a stack of gigs as well as other festivals such as Inferno in Oslo and North Of The Wall in Glasgow. This… Continue Reading →

Stargazer, Undergang & Foul Body Autopsy – London Unicorn 20/7/15

It’s actually very easy to find yourself gazing at stars in Camden. You just stand around a while looking lost and sure enough some street urchin will be along quickly enough to cosh you round the head and lift your… Continue Reading →

Tribulation – The Children of the Night (Century Media)

For most bands, a six year time frame may not allow for a great deal of exploration and maturity but for Tribulation, it’s been a period for three albums all of which show more development than some bands show in… Continue Reading →

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