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Thronehammer – Usurper Of The Oaken Throne (Church Within Records)

You what mate? Doom? Six tracks….. an hour & twenty minutes long? I do the death & thrash stuff don’t I? Well bugger me, this is good. Thronehammer are a trio hailing from the UK and Germany featuring members of… Continue Reading →

Lucifer’s Chalice – The Pact (S/R)

Featuring members of Uncoffined and Winds of Genocide, this band from Durham in the North East of England provide 4 sinister heavy metal tracks in line with the NWOBHM, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar and very early Mercyful Fate. The aura… Continue Reading →

Uncoffined – Ceremonies Of Morbidity (Momento Mori)

Ah, the return of Uncoffined. Filled by members and former members of Winds Of Genocide and disbanded Blessed Realm, their debut album Ritual Death And Funeral Rites was a little hidden masterclass in how to make old school death/doom metal,… Continue Reading →

Winds of Genocide – Usurping the Throne of Disease (Pulverised )

After releasing their raging debut EP ‘The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon’ in 2010, and a split with Japanese black/thrash maniacs Abigail two years later, it may be a new year but don’t expect a new Winds of Genocide. It’s been… Continue Reading →

Hooded Menace, Dragged Into Sunlight, Resurgency, Wounded Kings, Decrepid & Uncoffined – London Dome 8/11/14

The skies biblically open just before Uncoffined start up a night of ritual death and funeral rites in style getting everyone outside scuttling into the venue to get immediately flattened by their chunky cavernous sound. Drummer and vocalist Kat Shevil… Continue Reading →

Down Among The Dead Men – ST (Cyclone Empire)

The main dead men we are down amongst here are Dave ‘Bolt Thrower Benediction’ Ingram and Rogga ‘Paganizer, Ribspreader’, Johansson, ably abetted by fellow Paganizer and Ribspreader Dennis Blomberg and with studio drummer Erik R Bevenrud. And what might these… Continue Reading →

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