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Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Defying traditional genre conventions and carving out their own niche over the past two decades, the unveiling of a new Ulcerate album has become somewhat of a “big thing”. This time round, they’ve taken a step back from the abyssal… Continue Reading →

Altarage – The Approaching Roar (Season Of Mist)

Those strange nameless figures have emerged from their dungeon prisons to mount their skeletal steeds and gallop spreading terror across the lands of The Basque Country once more. Nope we are not talking about The Blind Dead although did you… Continue Reading →

Dodecahedron – Kwintessens (Season Of Mist)

Dodecahedron is almost a by-word for complexity for its own sake – a three dimensional 12-sided die that, I read someone point out, is only used by nerdy role playing gamers (yep, me too back in those more carefree days)… Continue Reading →

Départe – Failure, Subside (Season Of Mist)

Tasmania, somewhat cut off from the rest of the world and with no shortage of angry and extreme musicians it would seem. There definitely seems to be a bit of an underground scene there and it never surprises me when… Continue Reading →

Zhrine – Unortheta (Season of Mist)

What’s in a name? A lot, apparently. After spending seven years as the not very catchy Gone Postal, the Reykjavík four piece changed their name to Shrine back in 2014, before dropping the ‘S’ to a ‘Z’ in 2015 and… Continue Reading →

Ill Omen – Ae Thy Rift (Nuclear War Now)

The brand of occult black metal that Ill Omen excels at exists somewhere in the realms between Deathspell Omega dissonance, funeral doom and pure ritualistic noise. It’s the kind of album that’s probably going to click right into your listening… Continue Reading →

Creeping – Revenant (Iron Bonehead)

Purveyors of blackened doom since 2004, New Zealand’s Creeping come in to ‘Revenant’ with two well reviewed albums already under their collective belt. Now signed to Iron Bonehead for the vinyl release (Daemon Worship for the CD) of their latest… Continue Reading →

Winter Deluge – As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity (Frozen Blood Industries)

Originally released on CD by the band themselves a couple of years ago, the debut album of Winter Deluge sees new distro/label Frozen Blood Industries pick up the release for a tasty vinyl re-issue. Not knowing a huge amount about… Continue Reading →

The House of Capricorn – Morning Star Rise (Svart)

New Zealand based blackened doom merchants, The House of Capricorn bring an interesting offering to the altar with their occult heavy third full length album. With an ominous feeling that the end is looming, they mix the atmospheric nature of… Continue Reading →

Sinistrous Diabolus / Vassafor Split (Iron Bonehead)

Here are two tales of New Zealand’s darkest side in the form of a split album. First we have two tracks by Vassafor, starting with “Ossuary in Darkness”. It’s played in the spirit of black metal and makes such anarchic… Continue Reading →

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