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Ufomammut, Monolord, Morag Tong – London The Garage 28/9/19

Everyone moans about an early curfew at a gig, when deep down they’re glad they’ll be home in time to watch Family Guy and fast asleep by midnight – that’s looking to be the case this evening, until Desertscene announce… Continue Reading →

Interview – Grave Lines

Hailing from the south east and stashing numerous musical accolades already under their collective belt, Grave Lines are a band that have quickly acquired a more than favourable reputation within the metal community. The four piece played 2017’s edition of… Continue Reading →

Interview- Clouds Taste Satanic

If any readers have had the misfortune to read my reviews on a regular basis, you may have noticed that for the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to review the music of Brooklyn’s instrumental self-described… Continue Reading →

Ghold – Stoic (Crypt Of The Wizard)

One thing I learnt while reading up on this album is that there is a heavy metal store called Crypt of the Wizard in East London. Having spent hours and hours in record shops in my life, and picking up… Continue Reading →

Ufomammut – 8 (Neurot)

Welcome to the world of Ufomammut on this the occasion of their 8th full length album. Following on from Ecate in 2015 these 8 tracks see the Italian trio soundtracking the collision of space craft and giant ancient beasts as only… Continue Reading →

Le Scimmie – Colostrum (Red Sound)

Following the release of their debut ‘Dromomania’, Italian doomsters, Le Scimmie, took a four year break, however, it’s more than apparent that the trio were anything but idle; 2016 sees them with a major change in their small line-up and… Continue Reading →

Spectral Haze – I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains (Soulseller)

Debut full length from Norwegian Spectral Haze is a nauseatingly trippy slice of psychedelia. With so many bands currently all trying their hand at this genre, it’s easy for stuff to pass you by, however, the blatant Hawkwind and Monster… Continue Reading →

Shakhtyor – ST (Cyclone Empire)

Doom bands are too often failed by the singers. I include in that term all the obvious associated heavy-as-an-anvil-on-the-head sludge and stoner genres but let’s focus on doom specifically for a moment. Huge slabs of portentous music making hearts bust… Continue Reading →

Ocean Chief– Sten (I Hate)

Occasionally in life it’s fun to set oneself challenges and goals. A month without drinking. A target weight. An extra mile on the morning run. Well, why should music be any different? I had heard of Ocean Chief previously, but… Continue Reading →

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