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The Vintage Caravan – Arrival (Nuclear Blast)

My first encounter with this young Icelandic rock outfit was supporting Grand Magus in spring 2014 where I caught their last song and was immediately blown away by their energy and vibrancy. With two releases under their belts and their… Continue Reading →

Nocturnalia – Above Below Within (Gaphals)

The scene is set a with sombre, classically flavoured piano intro, just over 2 minutes long, full of emotion and drama. Anything could be coming next, Black Metal? Pagan Metal? Post Rock? Symphonic Metal? Doom? Almost the last thing I… Continue Reading →

UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars (SPV)

Twenty Two Studio Albums! Can you imagine being in a band that has done 22 studio albums? And that doesn’t include all the live albums, side-projects and solo releases. Now OK, from the original line-up, only singer Phil Mogg and… Continue Reading →

Interview – Lonely Kamel

What happens when you mix a healthy offering of the blues with some bits of classic rock, stoner rock, doom and psychedelia for good measure? You get Lonely Kamel. The Norwegian four piece have a few albums out already and… Continue Reading →

Lonely Kamel – Shit City (Napalm)

Hailing from Norway, the Oslo based, four piece hard rockers Lonely Kamel take inspiration from doom, psychadellica, stoner rock, classic rock and the blues and mash it together for their fourth full length offering, “Shit City”. With a sound which… Continue Reading →

Saturn – Ascending Live In Space (Rise Above)

Despite the title of this Swedish retro band’s first release, this is not a live album performed in space. It would be cool…but no, it’s not even Live. Though the album’s basic sound IS from a time when having landed… Continue Reading →

Demon Eye – Leave the Light (Soulseller)

This is a promising US band who took their name from a darker Deep Purple tune and it’s fair to say that dark riffs is their thing if last years ‘Shades of Black’ EP is anything to go by. There… Continue Reading →

Saltatio Mortis – Manufactum III – Live Auf Dem Macht (Napalm)

“What’s this?” I asked Thee Ed as he hurriedly shoved an album at me. “Dunno,”he said casually. “Anyway, must be off…” “Didn’t it make a noise like a whoopee cushion with a leak when you accidentally stood on it just… Continue Reading →

Free Fall – Power and Volume (Nuclear Blast)

Sweden really does seem to be the current spiritual home of all things Retro-Rock at the moment and the latest band to emerge from that thriving scene are Free Fall. Not sure this is traditional Ave Noctum fayre as this… Continue Reading →

The Devil – ST (Candlelight)

The Devil is a strange beast indeed, consisting, according to this self-named album’s cover art at least – of six cowled and masked individuals. Fittingly there is no hint of a band website [is now, see below Ed] , no… Continue Reading →

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