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Northtale – Welcome To Paradise (Nuclear Blast)

OK, so as this is the band’s debut, maybe I should just mention how Northtale (NorthTale or North Tale whichever you prefer) came to be. U.D.O. guitarist Bill Hudson decided upon his departure from that band that what he really… Continue Reading →

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (AFM)

From the outset I have to point out that I wasn’t planning on reviewing an U.D.O album. It’s just that it was looking a little unloved and neglected on the Ave Noctum review pile, and after a career striding through… Continue Reading →

Battle Beast – Unholy Saviour (Nuclear Blast)

Setting off with album number 3 is going to be a tough one to follow their most excellent ‘Steel’ and ‘Battle Beast’ records, but here we have it. The first two tracks follow a more power metal path and a… Continue Reading →

U.D.O. – Decadent (AFM)

Coming right at you with a refreshed line up, U.D.O. blast into 2015 with a fresh sounding much more improved effort than previous albums released in recent years. History lessons are not required here, if you know metal you should… Continue Reading →

U.D.O. – Life in Sofia DVD (AFM Records)

U.D.O. the band and Udo Dirkschneider the man is somewhat of a metal music institution worldwide, coming to the scene via Accept, I myself have been guilty of laying many Accept references at this bands door over the years and… Continue Reading →

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