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Nula – Kenoma (Black Bow)

Belgrade based, post-Sludge five piece Nula are rather intense musically. With beer and dope, along with some filthy and heavy sounds as their main influences and being billed as something for fans of Cathedral and Type O Negative, there are… Continue Reading →

King Dude – Sex (Ván Records)

There should be a law within the world of music journalism, whereby any review written as a track by track analysis means the author is punished via a beating with a bag of oranges. However, there are some albums that… Continue Reading →

Albez Duz – Wings Of Tzinacan (Listenable Records)

‘Wings Of Tzinacan’ is the third album from Berlin-based occult doom outfit Albez Duz, and the 2nd release to feature vocalist Alfonso Brito. Alfonso is certainly a man of many voices. There’s a kind of gnarly Eddie Vedder/Chris Cornell one,… Continue Reading →

Cadaveria / Necrodeath – Mondoscuro (Black Tears)

Cadaveria (herself) and Flegias of Necrodeath have worked together since the early 90’s when they were involved in cult Italian act Opera IX. They both left that band in 2001 stripping it of most of its identity in the process…. Continue Reading →

Wormfood – L’Envers (Apathia Records)

After 15 years of existence, Wormfood are releasing their fifth studio album five years after their last release. The Parisian quintet can rather easily be labelled as avant-garde doom/Goth as their slow ponderous tracks weave complicated yet rather depressing tapestries… Continue Reading →

Chestburster – Slime And Guilt (Svart)

My initial enthusiasm for this band was due to the fact that I thought this was the grinding terror UK version of Chestburster only to find that this is the Finnish version. A quick listen online gave me enough to… Continue Reading →

Braindance – Master Of Disguise (Dr Music)

There’s a lot to digest here and that is not surprising as this album has apparently been a decade in the making. First we linger on the strange embossed sigils (taken apparently from over 60 alphabets) on the album artwork… Continue Reading →

Hangman’s Chair – This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive (Music Fear Satan)

Well for a start you’ve got to love the title, don’t you? I mean, c’mon; statement of intent or what? Anyway, that aside, if like me you’ve come new and wide eyed to this French quartet of self-styled dope fiend… Continue Reading →

Twitching Tongues – Disharmony (Metal Blade)

I confess this is a band I didn’t know anything about before picking up this album but it seems that they’ve done the rounds in their six years of existence. “Disharmony” is the LA band’s third full album release. Reading… Continue Reading →

Without God – Circus Of Freaks (Solitude)

With a name like Without God one would expect to be barraged by some unholy, blasphemous and death like sermon that attacks with scorn and venom from all quarters but nope, you should indeed never judge things by name alone… Continue Reading →

The House of Capricorn – Morning Star Rise (Svart)

New Zealand based blackened doom merchants, The House of Capricorn bring an interesting offering to the altar with their occult heavy third full length album. With an ominous feeling that the end is looming, they mix the atmospheric nature of… Continue Reading →

Maxdmyz – The Hate Plane (Renegade)

As many reviewers here have said, every now and then you get a great album which stands out from the drivel and makes you enjoy this job. Sadly, this isn’t the case here. London based Maxdmyz say they have a… Continue Reading →

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