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Witchsorrow - Hexenhammer (Candlelight)

Witchsorrow – Hexenhammer (Candlelight)

Four albums into their career, British underground doom lords Witchsorrow are showing no signs of letting up on what seems like a mission to crush our souls into a fine powder with their own brand of heavy. Following on from 2015’s fine “No Light, Only.. Read More
Interview - Twelve Boar

Interview – Twelve Boar

Ladies and gents, many in the world of metal, particularly the extreme side of things that Ave Noctum regularly feature, can sometimes be seen from the outside world (and pretentious insiders too!) as “grimm”, “kvlt”, and total strangers to the idea of anything that is.. Read More
Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness (S/R)

Twelve Boar – No Forgiveness (S/R)

Firstly, let me start this review with a complaint aimed directly at the band: why did you change your name from XII Boar to Twelve Boar, and was it for any reason other than to mess up my ipod’s alphabetically artist orderings? Answers would be.. Read More