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Cemican – In Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli (M Theory Audio)

Ancient civilisations such as Mayans and Incas are fertile breeding ground for bands to explore and do something a bit different musically incorporating both traditional sounding elements and narrative into their music. Unsurprisingly there are no shortage of Aztecs either… Continue Reading →

Helsott – Gods And Slaves (M Theory)

With a name meaning ‘Fatal Illness’ one would make the assumption that Helsott were a German clan or at least with their brand of pagan metal a group hailing from somewhere Viking and Scandinavian. Hold on though, it appears these… Continue Reading →

Tortuga – When The Shit Hits The Fan (Black Chest Records)

Aha! It’s my own personal talk like a pirate day, again, and despite my misgivings about this whole alleged genre and the need to have a serious word with Alestorm, I find myself swabbing the decks and splicing the main… Continue Reading →

Ensiferum – Two Paths (Metal Blade)

It’s often said that Ensiferum need no introduction, and it’s true. If you were having a small soiree or bijou shindig one evening, you’d just know they’d arrived. The long-boat dragged onto the front lawn is an obvious clue, as… Continue Reading →

Divine Element -Thaurachs Of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

Divine Element is the brainchild of two musicians from the south-eastern reaches of Europe. Formed in Athens but now based between Athens and Budapest, the duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Ayloss (Spectral Lore) and vocalist/bassist Alchemist. Featuring some session members who… Continue Reading →

Tortuga – Pirate’s Bride (S/R)

Ah-haaar me hearties, splice the main-brace, shiver me timbers, bury the booty and send Woodleg Willy over here to give me a jolly Roger. Yes, once more we set sail under the most contrived of metal sub-genres since Vondur tried… Continue Reading →

Equilibrium – Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)

With every release it astounds me even more how effortlessly Equilibrium straddle that gap between Pagan/Folk Metal and Melodic Death Metal whilst always staying so unique. Years ago it was a sizeable void between the two styles before Equilibrium bridged… Continue Reading →

Korpiklaani – Noita (Nuclear Blast)

Finnish folk boozers Korpiklaani started out in 1993 under the name of ‘Shamaani Duo’ then later as ‘Shaman’ however this name was also that of a Brazilian metal band so they changed It again to ‘Korpiklaani’ meaning “Clan of the… Continue Reading →

Equilibrium – Erdentempel (Nuclear Blast)

Right that’s it, enough doom, gloom, death and destruction. I want something fun and jolly to listen to and review for a change. Perfect timing as the new album by German nutty melodic metal clan Equilibrium has recently landed in… Continue Reading →

Need – Orvam: A Song For Home (Trailblazer)

This third full-length album, following “The Wisdom Machine” and “Siamese God”, from the Greek quintet Need displays a complex grasp of 70s and contemporary prog metal. It comes spring-loaded with flighty melodic threads à la Dream Theater and Fates Warning…. Continue Reading →

Ithilien – From Ashes To The Frozen Land (Mighty Music/Target)

Probably due to the fun I had at Warhorns this year, I find myself taking a look at the debut album from Ithilian, a band from the snowy wastes of Belgium (judging from the photos you do have to wrap… Continue Reading →

Mael Mordha – Damned When Dead (Candlelight)

You know that ache that the best music can give you? That one that begins behind your ribcage and seeps into your guts and just swells until it forces itself out through your mouth in a chant or a cry… Continue Reading →

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