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Albums Of The Year 2018

Pete Woods (Editor): Top 20 A wise soul once said that “when the music’s over turn off the lights.” Well it has been far from over in 2018 a year which took off at the gallop and simply hasn’t stopped…. Continue Reading →

Hank Von Hell – Egomania (Century Media)

Mascara was smudged down hairy cheeks in 2010 when Hank Von Hell turned his assless chaps on Turbonegro and headed for the sunset. Fortunately for Turbojugend one of their own, Tony Sylvester ex Dukes of Nothing, stepped up to the… Continue Reading →

Valient Thorr – Old Salt (Napalm)

There are two sides to every story and sometimes it’s not entirely clear which side is the true version of events. Whether it is about a group of beings hailing from Burlatia, Venus, set on destroying the world through the… Continue Reading →

Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – 35 Supersonic (Rodeostar/SPV)

Right…It’s time to face facts… We live in a world without Lemmy…We live in a world where “rock stars” look like preppy school kids that are more concerned with vegan sausages, than blasting your face off with some down and… Continue Reading →

RAB – RAB 2 (Klonosphere)

RAB are from France. Their first album was called RAB 1, and their new album is called RAB 2. They clearly like a laugh (if the pun-driven CD artwork is anything to go by), and they simply don’t give a… Continue Reading →

Diemonds – Never Wanna Die (Napalm)

Female fronted Canadian five piece Diemonds are a hard rocking band from Toronto. The band, fronted by Priya Panda have released two albums with a real catchy and infectious hard rock sound and combined with some great live performances including… Continue Reading →

Superflesh – LOVE E.P (Elitbolaget)

I’ve never heard of Superflesh before, but when the review list came out and I saw the PR description – Musically a parade of the gay bits of Judas Priest and Turbonegro but much butcher” and “Manly music for manly… Continue Reading →

Sister – Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade)

Stockholm has produced a lot of great bands over the years and Sister are another act to add to the Swedish capital’s resume.  This four piece have the sort of sound that “ I used to Fuck People Like you… Continue Reading →

Interview: Man The Machetes

The rise and rise of the Norwegian punk scene, and the media attention it has attracted of late through the furore surrounding a certain band called Kvelertak, has thrown the spotlight in the direction of many new names. One of those,… Continue Reading →

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