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Inferno Festival 2018 – Day 4, Oslo Norway 1/4/18

Easter Sunday brought the fourth and final day of this year’s Inferno Festival, and another sold out day with a mouthwatering line up was in store. Norwegian black metal band Djevel got the evening underway and they wasted no time delivering their… Continue Reading →

Nattverd – Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner (Darker Than Black Records)

Not a huge amount of information is available about Nattvard who like their name translates we are taking ‘Communion’ with here. They are a duo from Norway and there’s no doubting their mission with Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner… Continue Reading →

Sheidim – Infamata (I, Voidhanger)

Discordant sombreness fills the air. So starts this EP from Spanish black metal band Sheidim. From this comes the ferocious fire of “A Dying Sun”, with a distinct thrash element fuelling the flames. An old school guitar line, more sinister… Continue Reading →

Doedsvangr – Satan Ov Suns (Immortal Frost Productions)

Tread carefully for we are about to enter the fields of death! Doedsvangr may well be a new name to us but the unholy triumvirate behind this cult are not. Lead singer of Nordjevel and Svartelder Doedadmiral, has collaborated with… Continue Reading →

Dead Conspiracy – S/T (Necromantic Press Records)

Back in 2014 I was introduced to this US band’s debut “Abomination Underground” which was more or less a compilation of an EP and demo tunes and offered a slice of retro deathrash authenticity that I really enjoyed and tugged… Continue Reading →

Midgardsblot Metalfestival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 18-20/8/16

Day Three The music was scheduled to begin at 14:00 on day 3, so I took the opportunity to have a look at some of the Viking artifacts in the Midgard Center, and to have a walk around Borrepark amongst… Continue Reading →

Dayal Patterson – Black Metal Into The Abyss (The Cult Never Dies)

If such honours were bestowed Dayal Patterson is fast becoming the person most likely to be recognised as being an official biographer of the black metal scene. This is now his third book following on from Feral House publication Black… Continue Reading →

Ragnarok – Psychopathology (Agonia)

In Norse mythology Ragnarok is a concept which has many interpretations, although a common theme is that it represents the ultimate destiny of the Norse gods, including their final battle with the giants resulting in the death of many of… Continue Reading →

Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom (Season of Mist)

Anyone who thought black metal legends Urgehal would dream of serving up half measures on their final album need only look at the guest list. Like a Who’s Who of Norwegian black metal, the list includes Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto, Hoest… Continue Reading →

Tsjuder – Antiliv (Season Of Mist)

With summer firmly on its way out and the delightfully grim welcoming arms of autumn and winter fast approaching, it’s definitely perfect black metal season, and what better way to kick start the season than with the latest offering from… Continue Reading →

Isvind – Gud (Folter Records)

Isvind are one of those obscure names that are whispered reverentially on the lips of those who worship the more obscure releases from the Scandinavian black metal scene of the mid-Nineties. Thanks to their debut ‘Dark Waters Stir’ debut from… Continue Reading →

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