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Helsott – Gods And Slaves (M Theory)

With a name meaning ‘Fatal Illness’ one would make the assumption that Helsott were a German clan or at least with their brand of pagan metal a group hailing from somewhere Viking and Scandinavian. Hold on though, it appears these… Continue Reading →

Profane Burial – The Rosewater Park Legend (Apathia Records)

Towards the end of 2015 I waxed lyrical about Images at Twilight’s debut album, and to this day I still re-visit this epic masterpiece. I was therefore interested to hear that the Images at Twilight mastermind Andre Aaslie is involved… Continue Reading →

Finsterforst – YOLO (Napalm)

When is a covers EP not a covers EP? When it’s two EPs really stretching over forty minutes and without a Moonsorrow epic in sight. One part is original songs, one of ‘pop’ covers (half of which I’ve never even… Continue Reading →

Midgardsblot Metalfestival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 18-20/8/16

Background Set amongst the Viking burial mounds of Borre in Norway, Midgardsblot is held on one of Norway’s most important national heritage sites and a place that was clearly of great importance to the Vikings who once resided here. The… Continue Reading →

Varg – Rotkäppchen (Napalm)

This release has been designated as an EP but clocks in at 48 minutes and is the first release by this German band in three years. Decked out in red and black paint for their promo shots they have crafted… Continue Reading →

Tanzwut – Eselsmesse(AFM)

Kind of a side project of members of Corvus Corax (I think), these German ‘medieval rock’ guys whose name translates as summat like ‘dancing feet’ and the album as ‘Donkey Fair’ (but I could be making an ass of myself… Continue Reading →

Trollfest, Finsterforst & Cryptic Forest – London Underworld 21/4/14

This was going to be a fun one and it was nice to see that a few people were dressed for the occasion wearing lab coats and bee hats to add to the zaniness that the headlining trolls were going… Continue Reading →

Ithilien – From Ashes To The Frozen Land (Mighty Music/Target)

Probably due to the fun I had at Warhorns this year, I find myself taking a look at the debut album from Ithilian, a band from the snowy wastes of Belgium (judging from the photos you do have to wrap… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – Trollvinter (SR)

Although I write this on April 1st it is no joke and it is not the work of a fool either. With bands as varied as Finntroll to Trollfest and of course Arckanum it is a shame that none have… Continue Reading →

So Much For Nothing – Livsgnist (My Kingdom Music)

This album has been hyped up for a while as being another project to feature the talents of one Mr Kvaforth (Shining). While it can’t quite accurately be described as a black metal supergroup, it does play out rather like… Continue Reading →

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