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Akando – Attack from Ambush (Boersma)

The last time I heard music of Native American heritage and influence was in the early 1970s, when Redbone released a number of pop gems, among them “Witch Queen from New Orleans”, “Wovoka”, “Come and Get Your Love” and the… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival Day Two – Oslo Rockefeller and John Dee 19/4/19

My second day of Inferno started with a trip to the Kniven bar at 1430 for Psykopath and Sepulcher who were playing during the afternoon prior to the main festival. I made my way to the venue and descended the… Continue Reading →

Arch Enemy, Wintersun, Tribulation – Manchester Ritz 13/2/18

As I turned the corner on the approach to the Ritz, I was expecting to be greeted with a queue of monstrous proportions, given the talent on show in tonight’s billing, instead, the queue was average to say the least,… Continue Reading →

Tribulation – Down Below (Century Media)

Maybe it’s a Swedish thing, but Tribulation struck me as a strange bunch when I saw them live. They were energetic, creative and interesting in a darkly melodic and progressive way. I liked their album “Children of the Night” (2015),… Continue Reading →

Cloak – To Venomous Depths (Season of Mist)

Atlanta Georgia is not the first place one would think of when Blackened Death Rock is what is on the cards. However, Cloak hail form the Southern States and ply their trade in the same market as Watain and Tribulation…. Continue Reading →

Ketzer – Starless (Metal Blade)

Starless’, it has to be said, has taken me somewhat by surprise. I remember coming across Ketzer several years ago when they played live with Tribulation in which they delivered a suitably raucous, blazing slew of frantic thrashened black metal… Continue Reading →

Interview – Execration

For those who misguidedly believe death metal to be a one dimensional form of music I present Norway’s Execration. Their third album, the aptly titled ‘Morbid Dimensions’, blew me away when I received it for review a couple of weeks… Continue Reading →

Stench – Venture (Agonia)

‘Venture’ is the 2nd album of Swedish extremists Stench. Featuring 2 members of fellow Swedes Tribulation, the 7 new tracks on offer here are sure to have you slyly checking your armpits and changing the bin bags thanks to their… Continue Reading →

Vanhelgd – Relics of Sulphur Salvation (Pulverised)

What’s that? A Swedish death metal band, releasing their third album you say? A band which I haven’t come across before?! Egads! Thus, I approached ‘Relics of Sulphur Salvation’ with all the trepidation of a starved puppy to an over-filled… Continue Reading →

Vampire – ST (Century Media)

These Swedes for me set the Live Evil Festival in London late last year alight with their death thrash black arsenal of nasty, often breakneck paced metal madness. Quickly becoming something of an underground sensation, it’s therefore quite surprising that… Continue Reading →

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