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Gaahls WYRD – GastiR – Ghosts Invited (Season of Mist)

Gaahl is synonymous with black metal and is a true uber behemoth of the world, a demi god, if you will, of the genre and any new work by the master is welcomed with open arms. Gaahls Wyrd has been… Continue Reading →

God Seed – I Begin (Indie Recordings)

“God Seed” is a track off Gorgoroth’s 2006 “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloria” album. God Seed the band derive in part from Gorgoroth, comprising Gaahl and King ov Hell and other band members having associations with Trelldom, Grimfist and Dimmu Borgir…. Continue Reading →

Denial of God – Death and the Beyond (Hells Headbangers Records)

Although in existence since 1991, a little research indicates that ‘Death and the Beyond’ is just the second album to be released by this cult Danish black metal band. Throughout their many EPs and odd split CD, a love of… Continue Reading →

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