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Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – Legacy Of The Dark Lands (Nuclear Blast)

Let’s face it – it had to happen! I’m just amazed it took so long. From the moment I heard the orchestral version of ‘Theatre Of Pain’ as a bonus track on Blind Guardian’s fantastic “Somewhere Far Beyond” album way… Continue Reading →

Dark Sarah – The Golden Moth (Inner Wound)

It’s no secret to anyone who has read some of my reviews on Ave Noctum that I have a bit of a dislike of “Disney-style” ballads within the Symphonic/Melodic Metal genre…so why on earth did I volunteer to review an… Continue Reading →

Cor Scorpii – Ruin (Dark Essence Records)

‘Ruin’ is the second album by Melodic Black Metal band Cor Scorpii, a mere decade after their début was released. It was recorded over a period of three years in various locations, has guest vocalists Annika Beinnes and Mats Lerberg,… Continue Reading →

Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony (Inside Out)

Inside Out is a label renowned for housing progressive metal powerhouses and titans in the genre when it comes to complex performances, convoluted compositions and individual brilliance on the virtuoso level… Basically if you’re good at what you do in… Continue Reading →

Adrenaline Mob – We the People (Century Media)

Adrenaline Mob have been described as a super-group with current links to Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and past ones to Dream Theater, Disturbed, Twisted Sister and a whole host of others. It’s more than a side project as it’s… Continue Reading →

Ari Lehman’s First Jason – To Be A Monster (Eternal Sound Records)

The band name is a bit of a giveaway, but it’s not a bad claim to fame is it? Ari Lehman was indeed the guy who played Jason in the first chapter of the classic Friday The 13th cult horror… Continue Reading →

Metal Church – XI (Nuclear Blast)

Well it appears Metal Church really do go up to Eleven! …And how many reviews of this album are going to use THAT line?? Anyway, to enable them to go up to “XI”, they welcome back Mike Howe, their vocalist… Continue Reading →

Foreign – The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Part I (S/R)

Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle/Savatage), Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas) and Tom Englund (Evergrey). Just three of the prolific singers not on this release. Nope, none of them…but they’ve all said they’ll be on the next one! Why tell you this?… Continue Reading →

Phantasma – Deviant Hearts (Napalm)

Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page, it’s fine I don’t mind, but there, near the end will be the name of this reviewer that will confirm immediately that this is not the new release from the… Continue Reading →

Ring Of Fire – Battle Of Leningrad (Frontiers)

Whatever genre tag you want to give them (Neo-classical Symphonic Melodic Progressive Power Metal was one I particularly liked…), you can’t argue with the talent in the ranks of Ring Of Fire; Tony MacAlpine – Guitars – Planet X, Seven… Continue Reading →

Glittertind – Djevelsvart (Indie)

I find that one of the interesting things about the whole “Folk Metal” genre (and sub-genres thereof) is that each band has a slightly different take on it than their fellow acts. It’s a genre that you would think is… Continue Reading →

Mad Hatter’s Den – Welcome To The Den (Inverse Records)

Once I saw the name of this Finnish metal band I was intrigued, as I love a ridiculously over-the-top band name. However `Welcome To The Den’ isn’t a concept album about a character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (although I… Continue Reading →

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