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Çub – Ouais (Atypeek Music)

More deranged nuttiness from Atypeek and actually 3 other labels who are releasing this in collaboration with them. This French lot were one that I approached with caution as their music is described as math rock which I can’t really… Continue Reading →

Barst – The Endeavour (Consouling Sounds)

Apparently this is the seventh release from Belgian collective Barst. I can’t say I know much about the first five but last album ‘The Western Lands’ went down a treat. Imaginative, experimental and with literary source going back to William… Continue Reading →

Chester Hawkins – Natural Causes (Intangible Arts)

This is the strangest thing to turn up in a while here and was kindly sent in on vinyl and described as “a bit of soundtracky electric noises for possible review.” Composer Chester Hawkins is from Washington DC and has… Continue Reading →

Thy Catafalque – Sgùrr (Season of Mist)

After dabbling with Thy Catafalque over the past few releases I have to say: nothing quite prepared me for this. The band has always been an interesting one to watch thanks to main man Tamás Kátai’s fairly unique blend of… Continue Reading →

Zardonic – Anti Hero (Eone Entertainment)

You might find Zardonic in the “World” section of your local record outlet but it’s unlikely. Here’s US based Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer with a specialist field of heavy electronic dance music with a worldwide reputation and… Continue Reading →

K-X-P – History of Techno (Svart)

This one had the potential to go either way. This self-professed anti-band from Finland have taken it upon themselves to “pay homage to the origins of monotonic umpa umpa” and draw analogies between the monotonous beat of techno and some… Continue Reading →

Killing Joke – In Dub (Killing Joke Records)

With Absolute Dissent and MMXII arriving in 2010 and 2012 respectively naturally fans of Killing Joke are keeping ears to the ground in the hope of news concerning a new 2014 studio album. We do however know that nothing should… Continue Reading →

Junkie Kut – Rebirth (Unrepresented Music)

Rebirth may well be the title of this new three track EP from London / Brighton act Junkie Kut but don’t worry about them having wimped out or changed direction, there are still lashings of aggroggressive, electronic, sonic beats behind… Continue Reading →

Todesstoss – Heikane Lowentotrin (Traumorgane Kreationen)

I was pleased to receive another package from German oddity Martin Lang, the creative force behind Todesstoss and several other projects on his Traumorgane label. I pointed out when I received the last two releases in 2012 that despite being… Continue Reading →

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