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Total Hate

Total Hate – Throne Behind a Black Veil (Eisenwald)

Powerful and authoritative from the opening chords, Total Hate set the precedent from the offset. The vocals on ‘Psychopath’ are dominant and potent and work together with Aer and Erebos on the guitars, with Serrator creating the formidable and controlling… Continue Reading →

Goath – II: Opposition (Ván)

I can just imagine the scene down at the Goath hell-bunker when finished copies of the last album arrived – debut Luciferian Goath Ritual. Goathammer: ‘Muerte, can I speak to you for a minute. We just got the album back… Continue Reading →

Goath – Luciferian Goath Ritual (Ván Records)

The moment you look at the rather disturbing but eye catching cover art alongside the bands fantastic logo you know you’re in for a sinister listen. With only one demo out previously this debut, from the German newcomers, hits the… Continue Reading →

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