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Tor Marrock – The Concept Of Self (Black Vulture Records)

I think it is fair to say that I have been enjoying the dark, delicious delights of Welsh band Tor Marrock pretty much since inception. They have now delivered three albums and I have caught them at a few shows,… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – Eggborough Sports & Social Club 21/9/18 Part 2

Well bugger me it was almost sunny the next day! It appeared most people had survived the night by the time we had picked up our passengers and arrived, and also that more than the odd hangover was being nursed…. Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – The Venue Selby 16-17/9/16 Day 1

Day 1  Keeping things pagan, Viking and folky with lashings of doom, death and blackness Warhorns Festival has established itself as a great little event over the last few years moving from York to Selby in the process. It brings… Continue Reading →

Ironclad – Alchemy And Chaos (S/R)

For some reason the name Ironclad makes me think of some sort of dodgy Italian post-apocalypse or medieval battle type movie (anyone remember Hearts And Armour?). It’s a name forged in steel from a time where gangs of people roamed… Continue Reading →

Cult Ov Mora – Is Coming (SR)

Only forming late 2013 this is the first offering from a very new Polish cult. They stem from a former melodic black metal band called Hegeroth who reached demo stage but never really seemed to take off beyond this. Looking… Continue Reading →

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