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Regen Graves – Herbslicht (Pariah Child)

A moody image that is somewhat focused on times past greats us from the album cover here. The cars look like they are from the 70’s, the sky is devoid of colour and the cobbled streets from an unspecified European… Continue Reading →

Yarn Of The Wicked – Lore * Anne (Pagan Records)

I absolutely had to review this before hearing a single note as this Polish band featuring members of Sauron and Misanthropic Rage have conceptually tackled a subject very close to my heart. Lore Fournier and Anne de Boissy are two… Continue Reading →

Tony Tears – Demons Crawl At Your Side (Minotauro Records)

Since covering the extensive three and a half hour boxed set ‘Music From The Astral Worlds (2000-2014)’ I seem to have adopted Tony Tears for review duties as well as picking up Abysmal Grief, a project that he and fellow… Continue Reading →

Abysmal Grief – Blasphema Secta (Terror From Hell)

Italy has a very proud and revered history of both horror films and occultist themed doom and Abysmal Grief have been melding both together with spine chilling finesse since the late 90’s. It took me till last album ‘Strange Rites… Continue Reading →

Malvento – Pneuma (Third I Rex)

I should feel guilty for never coming across Malvento in their 20 odd years of existence but then again there are many “cult Italian” acts so shrouded in obscurity within the underground that there are no shortage of them to… Continue Reading →

Abysmal Grief – Strange Rites Of Evil (Terror From Hell)

We are all used to our doom being a little on the slow side and that certainly proved to be the point with a package of three discs, including this one which took over a month to even arrive in… Continue Reading →

Tony Tears – Music From The Astral Worlds (2010-2014) (Minotauro Records)

Italian label Minotauro Records recently sent in a load of intriguing albums. They release “music from the labyrinth” and deal with a lot of obscure and cult artists from their home country. Not only that but it appears they take… Continue Reading →

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