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Toledo Steel

Toledo Steel, Speed Queen & Skyryder – London Black Heart 14/9/19

Featuring two of the UK’s premier metal talents and upcoming Belgium speed metal merchants, this is quite a low attended event, especially perplexing as it’s a prime Saturday slot. Although the last night of the Big Red venue might have… Continue Reading →

Metalian – Vortex (High Roller)

This Canadian band now presents their third full length release. Their career has been long, over ten years, but with other life commitments, releases have been sparse. I have a couple of their EP releases and so there are not… Continue Reading →

Riot City – Burn the Night (No Remorse Records)

With the PR material stating that this is “Screaming Heavy Metal” from Canada, the review could stop there! That’s all you need to know. Riot City are from Alberta, and this is a band whom I have followed since buying… Continue Reading →

Axe Steeler – On the Run (Iron Shield Records)

Columbia’s Axe Steeler plays their own brand of Teutonic heavy metal (by their own description), akin to the European scene mixing elements of the UK’s own Toledo Steel and the US band Savage Master. Essentially, this release does exactly what… Continue Reading →

Toledo Steel – No Quarter (Dissonance)

Southampton’s Toledo Steel are on a great journey. Ever present in the UK metal scene over the last few years, I am quite pleased with the progression and this, to finally get to their debut album release. It just shows… Continue Reading →

Toledo Steel – Zero Hour (S/R)

Toledo Steel are a band that has improved their art so much over the last few months, their first demo was on the money, their first EP, oozed class and this new EP ‘Zero Hour’ shows a band ahead of… Continue Reading →

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