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Hanging Garden – Hereafter (Lifeforce)

Well, this new EP is a bit of fun…OK, maybe not “fun”, that’s too up-beat for a Dark Gothic Doom Metal band named Hanging Garden…so let’s plump for engaging shall we? Last year’s “Blackout/Whiteout” opus was released only last year… Continue Reading →

Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens (Lifeforce)

Uhm, wow! This is Omnium Gatherum’s seventh album, I have their fifth album from 5 years ago after seeing them live back then, but hadn’t actually realised they’d been around for 20 years now and had such a body of… Continue Reading →

Hanging Garden – Blackout Whiteout (Lifeforce)

Finland. Dark, brooding, cold, moody, grey, a little oppressive and a bit gloomy. I’m talking about their more popular brand of Metal of course – I’m sure the country is lovely – but like their Scandinavian brothers, the Finns do… Continue Reading →

Order Of Isaz – Seven Years Of Famine (Season Of Mist)

I seem to be encountering building wave of Gothic Metal bands that seem intent on recapturing Gothic Metal from the symphonic Nightwish-a-likes that got dubbed with the term more due to image than sound. Gothic Metal – the male (more… Continue Reading →

Embercrow – Blacklight Wanderers (InnerSun Records)

Dark Melancholic Metal from Germany – and the band’s debut no less! It wasn’t so long ago that Finland had the monopoly on Dark Metal, and sure the opening track does show that Embercrow have indeed, at some point, been… Continue Reading →

Dark Age – A Matter Of Trust (AFM)

I really thought I had Dark Age sussed by the end of the first two tracks. Two rather decent tracks of what anyone now over the age of 25 would dub Gothic Metal (before lazy P.R. Types and journos used… Continue Reading →

Gothminister – Utopia (AFM)

Alcohol can be a terrible thing. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. It was like it was sat there, lonely, on the shelf at Ave Noctum HQ, cold, shivering and unclaimed – The new Gothminister album…. Continue Reading →

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