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Sorcerer – The Crowning of the Fire King (Metal Blade)

Founded way back in 1988 Sorcerer stomped out of Stockholm before lying dormant for 15 years.  Johnny Hagel (Tiamat ) and Anders Engberg (Therion)  put the band back together for the Hammers of Doom festival . This collection of friends… Continue Reading →

Major Parkinson – Blackbox (Karisma)

Ground Control to Major Parkinson … actually, that’s not so inappropriate as “Blackbox” has a cosmic, cinematic feel. It is the Norwegian band’s fourth album, and comprises a collection of eerie sounds. It is the most experimental of experimental works…. Continue Reading →

End of Green – Void Estate (Napalm Records)

“Dark. Loud. Stuttgart” is what’s written about End of Green. I’m not sure what image I’m supposed to have of Stuttgart other than a picture of urban Germany. I’m not entirely convinced about the “loud” part either as what I… Continue Reading →

The Doomsday Kingdom – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

After a sufficient bout of appetite whetting with last years excellent 4 track EP, Leif Edling’s The Doomsday Kingdom now unleash their full length album debut. Thankfully retaining the excellent services of Anders Johansson on drums, Avatarium buddy Marcus Jidell… Continue Reading →

Dark Tranquillity – Atoma (Century Media)

Atoma is a Belgium brand of stationary, it’s also the name of Dark Tranquillity’s 11th album. At least one of these facts is important! What the concept behind the title is exactly I have been unable to divulge so far… Continue Reading →

Kuolemanlaakso – M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes (Svart)

This third album by Kuolemanlaakso is far more of a solo effort than the previous ones, as other than drums and bass by Tiera and Usva respectively, Laakso takes care of vocals, guitar and keyboard duties here. Granted there are… Continue Reading →

Throes Of Dawn – Our Voices Shall Remain (Argonauta Records)

Ah Finland, nobody does Dark Metal quite like Finland. Nobody seems to cram in so much atmosphere, melancholy and lets face it, down-right despondency as the Fins manage. And I love them for it. Throes Of Despondency…sorry…Dawn like to supplement… Continue Reading →

Katatonia – The Fall Of Hearts (Peaceville)

I have followed Sweden’s Katatonia religiously for over two decades and they have given me some of the most brilliant memories within music during that time either with landmark releases or just awe inspiring live performances whether electric or acoustic…. Continue Reading →

Todtgelichter – Rooms (Supreme Chaos Records)

Was 2013’s “Apnoe” a step too far for Todtgelichter? It was quite a departure from their early stuff but three years and a couple of new members later it seems the band have had a little bit of a re-think…. Continue Reading →

Wyrd – Death of the Sun (Moribund)

Wyrd are probably best known for their very ethereal take on pagan black metal which was exemplified on earlier albums and very much excelled at. Heathen and Huldrafolk and the three albums that followed are pretty much bona fide classics… Continue Reading →

Momentum – Fixation, At Rest (Dark Essence)

This album is a return to the past with the re-release of the Icelanders’ 2010 album, which signalled the move from a black/death style to the more haunting and evocative style which characterised the excellent “The Freak is Alive” (2015)…. Continue Reading →

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