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Kingcrow – Persistence (Laser’s Edge)

I can’t speak highly enough of Kingcrow’s two previous albums “In Crescendo” (2013) and “Eidos” (2015). Both are far-reaching immaculately structured collections of progressive metal songs. So naturally I was hoping for more of the same from “Persistence”, the seventh… Continue Reading →

Redemption – Long Night’s Journey into Day (Metal Blade)

My recollection of Redemption from seeing them headlining at ProgPower Europe in 2011 is that they are big, brash and American. Since then they have replaced their then lead singer with Evergrey’s Tom Englund, acquired a keyboard player, and temporarily… Continue Reading →

Ayreon Universe – Best Of Ayreon – Live (Mascot)

If someone as musically innovative and fan-friendly as Arjen Lucassen is approached to release a ‘Best Of’, it’s pretty fair bet he will find a way to do it differently, in a way that treats his fans to something new…. Continue Reading →

Power Quest – Sixth Dimension (Inner Wound Recordings)

I remember watching Power Quest a few years ago. I am sure they were supporting Helloween and it was at the Camden Palace, or Koko as it now is. My recollection is of cheesy jollity. To their credit, Power Quest… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe, 30th September, 1st and 2nd October, JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands

Sunday 2nd October Smallman came from Bulgaria with the promise of mysterious music. So there we were at 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon, witnessing a very deep, dark and mystical sound with bagpipes and at other times a flute and a… Continue Reading →

Knight Area – Hyperdrive (Lasers Edge)

The strangely named Knight Area (makes me think of a seedy Chess Piece only Night Club, with designated regions – Bishops huddled together in one corner, Rooks in another plotting their downfall, and in a dimly lit area that’s just… Continue Reading →

Interview – Stream Of Passion

I rather fell head over heels with Stream Of Passion on very first hearing of their debut 2005 album Embrace The Storm. At the time the band were being championed by Arjen Lucassen who was also playing guitar with them… Continue Reading →

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