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Dr. Living Dead!, Comaniac - London  Underworld 1/2/18

Dr. Living Dead!, Comaniac – London Underworld 1/2/18

I was hoping to catch Rezet or at least the tail end of their set, but they were done by ten to eight with Comaniac already setting up and ready to go by five past, which they didn’t do, rather opting to wait until their.. Read More
Machine Head - Catharsis (Nuclear Blast)

Machine Head – Catharsis (Nuclear Blast)

It was suggested to give this album a couple listens before weighing in with my review. The first song is starting for a second time as I pen this intro because after an hour and a quarter of listening to it the first time, I.. Read More
Ultimate Darkness Zine Anthology 1995-2017 (Cult Never Dies)

Ultimate Darkness Zine Anthology 1995-2017 (Cult Never Dies)

If you have a fascination for old metal fanzines this will certainly hit the spot. It’s an absolutely packed read which although only 228 pages, which might not sound a lot, is so densely crammed with information and interviews (in 3 columns per page with.. Read More
Evil Warriors – Fall From Reality (War Anthem Records)

Evil Warriors – Fall From Reality (War Anthem Records)

My expectation for an intro piece to this second album by this German black metal act was unfounded as a penetrating riff initiates the assault that possesses a distorted slant on the title track opener. The riff break is colossal and underpins what this album.. Read More
Nuckin' Futs – Abyss (Blood Fire Death)

Nuckin’ Futs – Abyss (Blood Fire Death)

Catalonia is a hotbed of social unrest at the moment. Feelings of oppression, loss of cultural identity, wanting to go their own way… It’s the perfect foil for some good old fashioned thrash metal! Nuckin’ Futs, a five piece from the troubled region have seized.. Read More
Can Of Worms - Nuclear Violence (Great Dane)

Can Of Worms – Nuclear Violence (Great Dane)

The four piece French Thrashers with a serious interest/obsession with all things nuclear are back again with album number 3; Nuclear Violence. Given the current political climate regarding all things nuclear, the post-apocalyptic leaning, deathy-thrash outfit seem to have their finger on the pulse and.. Read More
Witchery - I am Legion (Century Media)

Witchery – I am Legion (Century Media)

Following on from last year’s (get ready for this…) “Bewitching” return in the form of “In His Infernal Majesty’s Service” – their first album in six years – comes “I am Legion”. Witchery are one of those bands who I have really loved since the.. Read More
Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis (Napalm)

Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis (Napalm)

“From beneath the underground slums of a Third-World… A Two-headed Brazilian Godzilla was born… Destined to leave permanent sound scars on all… Under a pale grey sky… Hell… Chaos… Pandemonium… The massacre continues and there is no end in sight!” These are the words which.. Read More
Insane – Evil (Duplicate Records)

Insane – Evil (Duplicate Records)

Well these young Swedish whipper-snappers formed in 2009 and, after a few demos, splits etc this is their debut album, and there’s quite a lot to like if you’re a fan of old school thrash metal especially when you consider these young’uns weren’t even alive.. Read More
Vaultwraith - Death Is Proof Of Satan's Power (Hell's Headbangers)

Vaultwraith – Death Is Proof Of Satan’s Power (Hell’s Headbangers)

One look at the glorious cover for this debut and you’d probably hazard a guess that this is going to be full on metal of the thrash, Merciful Fate, Satanic headbanging style and thankfully you wouldn’t be wrong. From the self titled opening, this is.. Read More
F.K.U – 1981 (Despotz Records)

F.K.U – 1981 (Despotz Records)

If you were lucky enough to hear 2013’s “Rise of the Mosh Mongers” by F.K.U. you know you are in for a retro treat. By retro I do not mean rebranded Trump(ed) up dayglow for Millennials. I mean full on one high-topped white trainered foot.. Read More
Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate (Century Media)

Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate (Century Media)

Now in their tenth year, London’s Savage Messiah have steadily built a loyal following and a firm reputation as one of the UK’s top up and coming metal bands. Aside from well received albums and live slots, they were also nominated for Metal Hammer magazine’s.. Read More