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Division Speed – S/T (High Roller)

“Don’t mention the war. I did it a minute ago but I think I got away with it!”. Thus spake the Cleese Spirit down Torquay way. These days there are quite a few willing to get all “World at War”… Continue Reading →

One Machine – The Final Cull (Scarlet)

At first I thought this was One Machine’s first album, only to find out that ‘The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth’ was released in February 2014 and ‘The Final Cull’ is actually their second album. One Machine is… Continue Reading →

Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Nuclear Blast)

My first encounter with Sylosis was when I reviewed their 2006 EP ‘Casting Shadows’, but must admit that I don’t recall seeing much of them in the 9 years since, even though they have released 4 full length albums in… Continue Reading →

Arcania – Dreams are Dead (Great Dane)

Formed in Angers, France, in 1999, Arcania spent ten years and a few line up changes (some enforced) and a handful of EPs before they released their debut offering “Sweet Angel Dust” in 2010. Four years later, the four-piece re-emerge… Continue Reading →

Mekong Delta – In A Mirror Darkly (SPV)

Occasionally I listen to an album and forget that I’m meant to actually be reviewing it, rather than just listening to it over and over. I guess this is owing to the quality of the music and the fact that… Continue Reading →

Pantheon – Intervention (S/R)

What I like about many of the UK Metal bands I’ve heard from the last 10 years or so, is that they generally either take a style but try to make it sound different in some small way, re-imagine what… Continue Reading →

Flotsam and Jetsam – No Place For Disgrace 2014 (Metal Blade)

Before we get going can I just remind readers that I gave a positive review to F&J’s 2013 release “Ugly Noise” and that I have been a follower of the band since hearing their debut way back in 1986. Good,… Continue Reading →

Hammercult – Steelcrusher (SPV)

Any band that is called Hammercult and has a sophomore album called Steelcrusher is going to get my attention immediately and added to this mix is the fact that they hail from Tel-Aviv, Israel. The corresponding clichéd artwork only confirms… Continue Reading →

8 Foot Sativa – The Shadow Masters (SR)

A band on their fifth album and I’ve never heard of them until I stumbled upon them by chance and admittedly I downloaded their album (I will get the album properly guys I promise) [it’s in the post to you… Continue Reading →

Def Con One – Brute Force and Ignorance (Night of the Living Dead Records)

Last year’s ‘Warface’ was my first encounter with this band that features Antton Lant (ex-Venom and ex-MPire of Evil), their debut before that did not appear to be as widely advertised so then fast forward to this EP, which will… Continue Reading →

Godslave – In Hell (Day One Records)

There’s no denying a decent band when you hear it and Godslave are just that. Faultless in delivery, packed with energy and no doubt an entertaining proposition in a live environment. They also produce a faithful reflection of speed-thrash metal… Continue Reading →

Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days (NoiseArt Records)

Let’s face it. This sounds like Mercenary and no-one else. I’m very happy about that. In case you don’t know what Mercenary sound like, the phrase “melodic, aggressive thrash metal meets sophisticated power metal”, which remains on the label stuck… Continue Reading →

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