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Saboter – Architects Of Evil (No Remorse)

On the surface Saboter seem happy to offer themselves up as a no nonsense, heavy as you like Metal band. It’s a shrewd move in some ways, let people discover you for themselves and hear what they hear in their… Continue Reading →

Gnosis – The Offering of Seven (Terror From Hell)

There’s something debauched and carefree about Gnosis new slab The Offering of Seven. This is tightly-delivered, doom-laden death metal with a charred, blackened edge but Gnosis is also undeniably, well, fun. Is it the Hellenic hues of the blackened sound,… Continue Reading →

Nigredo – Flesh Torn, Spirit Pierced (Transcending Obscurity)

No-one could ever say that Greece isn’t good for black metal as well as history and holidays, amongst other things. Nigredo, as you will gather, fit this bill, and are now following up their 2015 EP “Facets of Death” with… Continue Reading →

Ravencult – Force Of Profanation (Metal Blade)

This Greek outfit have been around since 2001 and contain past and present members of bands such as Principality Of Hell, Nigredo and Thou Art Lord, an ex-live member of the mighty Varathron and all sorts of other distinguished acts…. Continue Reading →

Principality Of Hell – Sulfur & Bane (Osmose Productions)

Just over two years ago I reviewed this band’s debut for Ave Noctum and was positive about its style that reverted back to a raw unfettered approach even if the songs themselves weren’t that unique overall. The band is composed… Continue Reading →

Kawir – Father Sun Mother Moon (Iron Bonehead)

Back in the mists of time circa 1994 you may well remember Greek black metal act Kawir releasing a split vinyl with Jap nutters Sigh on our very own and newly reactivated Cacophonous Records label. Both bands have been working… Continue Reading →

Diavolos – You Lived Now Die (Hells Headbangers)

My eyes were immediately drawn to this title when it came up for review because of the band’s name. Evidently derived from the same linguistic root, Diavolos is a name staggeringly close to that of my favourite style of pizza:… Continue Reading →

Principality Of Hell – Fire & Brimstone (WTC)

Greek purveyors of black thrash domination have set out their mission to unleash upon the public savage black thrash from yesteryear, and with members of Thou Art Lord in their ranks, the credentials are certainly there. The production is as… Continue Reading →

Acherontas – Amenti: Ψαλμοί Αίματος και Αστρικά Οράματα (World Terror Committee)

Acherontas help to form a phalanx of Greek black metal bands with a progressive purpose and a grim determination to expose us all to their black arts. Moving in the wake of ground-breaking countrymen Rotting Christ and Septicflesh, Acherontas forms… Continue Reading →

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