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ShadowThrone – Elements’ Blackest Legacy (Non Serviam Records)

While this may be the second album by this Italian outfit from Ceccano, it’s my first introduction to their music. Formed by Steph after his departure from Theatres des Vampires and going through a couple line-up changes since their first… Continue Reading →

Theatres Des Vampires – Candyland (Scarlet)

Blimey was it really way back in 2011 when this house of vampires last took us on a ‘Moonlight Waltz.’ I guess it doesn’t really matter quite so much when you are immortal but us fans do age all too… Continue Reading →

Cadaveria – Silence (Scarlet)

It’s always nice to hear new material from ex Opera IX vocalist Cadaveria and despite the album title there should be no worries as backed up by her Lynchian cohorts she has plenty to say here. Following up 2012 album… Continue Reading →

Sorrowseed – The Extinction Prophecies (SR)

Although this album saw the darkness originally in 2011 it has probably pretty much escaped notice, certainly in the UK and that is a shame as considering the work that has gone into it, this self-released band from New England… Continue Reading →

Theatres Des Vampires – Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 (Dreamcell 11)

I have an unwritten rule that a band should have at the very minimum ten years history behind them before they release a live product. Sure it is a necessary revenue stream for them but it is something that they… Continue Reading →

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