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Outlaw – Marauders (High Roller)

Outlaw were formed 3 years ago in Finland, Outlaw take influence from US Power Metal, the NWOBHM scene and traditional metal, a-la classic 80’s Priest and Maiden. From the initial track, ‘Hell’s Thunder’, vocalist Lee Anvel sounds like a cross… Continue Reading →

Hands of Orlac / The Wandering Midget – Split (Cruz Del Sur)

I don’t know if there’s some cryptic message here that only truly makes sense when you’re seriously stoned, but something feels so fitting about the collaboration between The Wandering Midget and Hands of Orlac as if the two, albeit imaginary… Continue Reading →

Serpent Warning – Serpent Warning (I Hate)

Serpent Warning are from Finland and have a classic doom approach to their sound laden in the sultry laid back moments of the 70’s. Whilst staying well clear of the retro/occult rock movement of late, you will be more at… Continue Reading →

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