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Dripback – Blessed With Less Than Nothing (4 Family Records)

I fucking love Dripback, ever since they erupted like a giant zit in the face of the metal fans in 2011 with the infectious as ebola (but half as pleasant) “Inhaling The Ashes” EP, this bunch of North London yobs… Continue Reading →

Pathology – ST (Comatose Music)

In my usual routine of writing up reviews it encompasses checking out the bands past discography, obviously, but also includes line-up changes, previous album titles – any patterns therein, release rates, album art work style, other bands with the same… Continue Reading →

Firespawn – The Reprobate (Century Media)

If you’re not familiar with Firespawn then let me enlighten you. The band members are a veritable who’s who of Swedish death metal, featuring members of Unleashed, Entombed AD, Necrophobic & Skineater. As solid a pedigree as you’ll find in… Continue Reading →

Memoriam- For The Fallen (Nuclear Blast)

…So, it’s finally arrived. I honestly can’t remember quite when I last looked forwards to an album this much. As a huge Bolt Thrower fan, I was left feeling pretty low when the war-obsessed crew decided to call it a… Continue Reading →

Bombs Of Hades – Death Mask Replica (War Anthem Records)

Fourth album from this bunch of death purveyors from Sweden who offer a different twist to what you would normally expect from the worlds death metal hub by injecting punk and crust elements that make their songs urgent and a… Continue Reading →

Refusal – We Rot Within (F.D.A. Rekotz)

2016 see’s the return of Finnish grinders Refusal with their first official full length release We Rot Within. Having been creating aggressive, grinding death since 2008, Refusal have seriously upped their game with We Rot Within, which consists of nine… Continue Reading →

Extreme Noise Terror – S/T (Willowtip)

Since around 1985 Dean Jones has been at the helm of Extreme Noise Terror taking the band through thick and thin and a cast list of somewhere in the region of 25 ex members, including some that are well known… Continue Reading →

Down Among The Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! (Cyclone Empire)

Here’s a question you don’t often find yourself being asked at the beginning of an album review… you like Dr. Who? I do / did. It all sort of fizzled out for me during Peter Davidson’s tenure…..oh Tegan….. you saucy… Continue Reading →

Rex Shachath – Revocation Of The Blood Elect (Great Dane)

Tasty this. Belfast death metal band Rex Shachath follow up 2012’s ‘Sepulchral Torment’ EP with their…. second EP ‘Revocation Of The Blood Elect’.  I’m happy to say it pretty much follows in the heavy old boot prints of the first… Continue Reading →

Dripback – Failed Futures (4 Family Records)

Stone me I’m a luckier than a cat with a strawberry flavoured arse! I’ve had a run of really good albums to review recently and that has continues with the first full length record from North London caaaaaaants Dripback. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Carpathian Forest, The Rotted & Eastern Front – London Underworld 14/12/13

Well there were no worries about this one being empty and there was already a queue at the doors well before they opened and the few remaining tickets were quickly snapped up. For once the first support band were playing… Continue Reading →

The Obscene Machine – The Obscenity Within (Grindscene)

When I look into the home-grown extreme metal scene, which I do regularly, I see a mushrooming amount of talent ready to assault the planet with a multitude of very promising releases. This act from Belfast plays a mix of… Continue Reading →

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