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The Ramones

R.I.P. – Street Reaper (Riding Easy Records)

“It’s early 2017, and time for more doom.” What is that a quote from, I metaphorically hear you ask? Well, it’s the opening line for my January review of R.I.P.’s first album of 2017, in fact their first album, ‘In… Continue Reading →

Sticky Boys – Calling The Devil (Listenable Records)

There are frankly an incomprehensible number of genres and sub-genres in the music that I, and as a reader of this website you presumably love. A wee scan through the couple of hundred gigabytes of albums I have ripped to… Continue Reading →

Interview – Okkultokrati

Fresh from the release of fourth album ‘Raspberry Dawn’ and four dates into their European tour with Trap Them and Venom Prison, Norwegian weirdos, Okkultokrati, are in need of a well earned rest. We took a load off with BlackRace… Continue Reading →

Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown & Jealous Again (SST/ Wienerworld )

Without Black Flag most of the music you like would not exist! Sweeping statement maybe but as far as punk and hardcore is concerned they were one of the forerunners that were responsible for defining the style, certainly as far… Continue Reading →

Psychopunch – Smakk Valley (SPV / Steamhammer)

Psychopunch’s Smakk Valley may sound venemous and slightly seedy, but it’s actually all rolling punk with pop sensibilities. A set of driven tracks, coated in colour and bolstered with a strong sense of fun. An amalgamation of Green Day, The… Continue Reading →

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