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Monasterium – Church of Bones (Nine Records)

Unlocking the door to doom ain’t always easy. Even when the tools at your disposal add up to a veritable battering ram that should unleash the melancholy tide from within upon your psyche with elephantine riffs that crush what’s left… Continue Reading →

Dun Ringill – Welcome (Argonauta Records)

Right. So here are some things I have discovered since doing a google search on the terms “Dun Ringill”: 1) Dun Ringill is the name of a Scottish Iron age fort on the Isle of Skye. 2) It is also… Continue Reading →

Dautha – Brethren of the Black Soil (Ván)

Don your priests robes, hold aloft your holy cross of evil warding and come with Dautha into times long past where unspeakable terrors lurk and the lost flame of epic 1980s doom can be found blazing on the highest peak…. Continue Reading →

Night Viper – Exterminator (Listenable Records)

Album number 2 from Sweden’s Night Viper picks up with the energy of the debut with ‘No Escape’, sometimes verging into a thrash spectrum, and then as the album progresses to the expected traditional metal, often in a rock n… Continue Reading →

Dautha – Den Förste (Ván)

It might seem to regular viewers that I’d use any old excuse to crowbar my favourite albums from the 1980s into reviews whenever possible. But this year is the 30th anniversary of nearly everything ever, so it’s time to brace… Continue Reading →

Interview – The Order of Israfel

Doom metal seems to get better and better these days and so it shouldn’t be a surprise when the genre casually throws up a band like The Order of Israfel totally out of the blue. Well, not quite out of… Continue Reading →

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