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The One

Allone – Alone (Aesthetic Death)

Can you ever be truly Alone when you have 2 l’s? Deep and complicated question to ponder but thankfully the music may well provide some answers and this is not a solo project but the work of a London based… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – The Contagion In Nine Steps (Blood Music)

It is time to crawl through the Lychgate and enter a graveyard of ghoulish and macabre sounds once more. Be prepared for the weird, wonderful and downright ghastly sounds from a portal to another world to confront you in all… Continue Reading →

Kawir – Exilasmos (Iron Bonehead)

Taking us off on a historic and ageless journey the last album from Greek veterans Kawir Father Sun, Mother Moon absolutely blew me away. The hour plus listening experience was one I completely got absorbed by so was more than… Continue Reading →

Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgrimage (Sepulchral Voice/Profound Lore)

Grave Miasma are somewhat of a staple of the black and death metal scene within London. Chances are, if you’ve attended a gig within the last 36 months or so, you will have seen them at least once or twice…. Continue Reading →

Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music)

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a massive organ? Lychgate certainly do, as theirs takes centre stage for album number 2, ‘An Antidote for the Glass Pill’. While not wanting to sound dismissive and flippant, when a particular instrument plays such a… Continue Reading →

Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War (Ván)

Originally formed in 1994 on the island of Rhodes, the Greek epic/pagan black metal entity Macabre Omen has had an inconsistent existence. Originally operating out of its native land as a band, it eventually became a one man project for… Continue Reading →

Necros Christos, Binah, The One & Funeral Throne – London Dome 14/6/14

Another cracking line up here, combining the best in death and black metal and it seems like all sorts of tribes are descending on Tufnell Park. Round the corner playing the smaller Boston Arms there’s a Voice of Oi mini… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – ST (Mordgrimm)

If like me you have the habit of hanging around graveyards you will no doubt have encountered a Lychgate before and even walked under one. Simply put Lych is an old English word for corpse and gate… well duh. It… Continue Reading →

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