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Order Of Isaz – Seven Years Of Famine (Season Of Mist)

I seem to be encountering building wave of Gothic Metal bands that seem intent on recapturing Gothic Metal from the symphonic Nightwish-a-likes that got dubbed with the term more due to image than sound. Gothic Metal – the male (more… Continue Reading →

Mystons – Black Matter (V. R. Label)

As a matter of principle I tend to ignore blurb, and just say what I think about whatever music I’m sent. On this occasion, arriving as it did with a very well presented digipack I gave the PR a read,… Continue Reading →

Tor Marrock – Destroy The Soul (Black Vulture Records)

It has been a long time since we had any new material from Welsh band Tor Marrock but then again they have always been somewhat elusive, doing things at their own pace and then popping up and surprising with some… Continue Reading →

NFD – Reformations (Jungle)

It’s been a very long time in fact 2008 album Deeper Visions was the last thing we heard from NFD and they have not played a show for a long time either. Typically they announced one in London with some… Continue Reading →

The Eden House – Half Life (Jungle)

This is an absolutely gorgeous collection of songs and I really hope saying so at the start of a review does not lose half of its readers. If you are still here, do stay, as if you are new to… Continue Reading →

The Last Cry – Walking To The Edge (A Day Like Today)

The Last Cry is a name I have seen doing the rounds and it is no surprise considering some of the bands they have shared a stage with; The Mission, The Damned, Gene Loves Jezebel and Anne Marie Hurst to… Continue Reading →

The Eden House – Timeflows (Jungle)

This is one of those bands I have been meaning to check out, completely expecting to really like them but annoyingly letting them slip me by. It’s really a certainty that anyone who grew up loving gothic music should enjoy… Continue Reading →

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