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Traps – The Fighter (Halfmeltedbrain Records)

For once the press info is spot on. This is promoted as “wild, whacky, proggy and crazy” and that it exactly what it is. The band photo of two disfigured faces pressed up against a car window nicely transmits the… Continue Reading →

Dreamarcher – The Bond (Indie)

The first bio/info I saw about Dreamarcher said that they were a “blackened progressive metal gem based in Oslo, Norway.” I am fond of weird combination of words, and “gem” together with what went before it got me intrigued right… Continue Reading →

Seven That Spells – OMEGA (Sulatron Records)

Have you ever wondered what the surface of a space object might look like? Well, take a look at the video to the track Future Lords by Seven That Spells and you might get a pretty good idea. There are… Continue Reading →

Crystal Fairy – S/T (Ipecac)

Although I’m a little reticent to use the term “Alt. Supergroup” anywhere in this review… Here we have, the self-titled debut album from Crystal Fairy, an (…Aw, fuck it…) alt. supergroup comprising of King Buzzo and Dale Crover from The… Continue Reading →

Ef / Tiny Fingers – Vāyu (Pelagic Records)

This split-EP is a collaboration between a ten-year old act from Gothenburg and a leading force in the Israeli music scene. With a decade of live performances under their belt, the DIY post-rockers Ef have played with a vast range… Continue Reading →

The Advent Equation – Limitless Life Reflections (Self-released)

My love for technically-demanding modern metal means I often found myself writing words that might convince those browsing the web that I am concocting some magnificent, scientific conundrum. In the past, I have come across albums by The Omega Experiment,… Continue Reading →

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