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Warhorns Winterfest – Sheffield Corporation 24/1/20

First gig of the year and again we ask the question “When will the Warhorns crew get an even break?” This time? Original venue flooded and the organisers were told only 18 days beforehand. They found a new venue and…two… Continue Reading →

Taake, Wode & The Infernal Sea – London Underworld 12/12/19

As the country and the weather goes to hell in a handcart it’s a relief to get into The Underworld this evening and take refuge from it all for a few hours. Taake are back and are one of the… Continue Reading →

Antre – Void (Withered Hand Records)

This Notts, Derby based quintet may have only emerged from their “Cave” relatively recently but the member’s collective roots spread a lot further back. They have been involved in plenty of bands whose names should be familiar to those keeping… Continue Reading →

Abigail Williams, The Infernal Sea, Martyrium – Sheffield, The Mulberry Bar 9/12/18

Originally this gig was planned as an all dayer, according to the flyer, but eventually turned out to be a three band event held at a bar near the Sheffield Academy. Thankfully with the gig taking place on a Sunday… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – The Venue, Selby, 21-23/9/17 Part 3

Saturday 23/9  Well it was always going to be touch and go as to whether we got into town early enough to see Stonebearer, but we had to eat so sadly missed them. We did see Bristol band Mordrake though…. Continue Reading →

Akercocke, Fen, The Infernal Sea, Sathamel Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall 7/4/17

With not being able to attend the Ritual Festival after this pre fest warm up show due to a gig clash with Taake in Manchester, this was the next best thing as the hyper busy venue sports a traditional long… Continue Reading →

Terra – Mors Secunda (Code 666)

Living in Cambridge, I’d given up on the idea there were any decent local metal bands. It may have an international folk festival but it’s a metal desert. Of course there’s Fen, The Infernal Sea, Eastern Front, Black Polaris and… Continue Reading →

Anaal Nathrakh, Voices & The Infernal Sea – London Underworld 2/9/16

We want our dive back! Well not really but it’s odd getting used to The Underworld since it’s had its spruce up. New stage, lighting, PA, floor, toilets and everything smells lemon fresh; well some of the punters don’t but… Continue Reading →

The Infernal Sea – The Great Mortality (Cacophonous)

It’s always a pleasure being confronted with new extreme metal talent from the UK having not lived there for a decade. And even more so when you’re confronted with an act like The Infernal Sea, who hail from a familiar… Continue Reading →

Downfall of Gaia, Der Weg einer Freiheit and The Infernal Sea – London Black Heart 31/3/15

It was a windy night in Camden. Inside the Black Heart, three bands were waiting to treat us to some black metal and other variations. It was dark inside, so much so that Alex on the merch stand had to… Continue Reading →

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