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Phal:Angst – Phase IV (Bloodshed666 Records)

I wonder if the group’s name was inspired from suddenly realising the curry they had eaten was too hot hmmm. Anyway joking aside Phal:Angst hail from Vienna and play a mix of industrial and post rock which is very much… Continue Reading →

Marc Heal – The Hum (Armalyte Industries)

Ah Cubanate, remember them well. I still have 1st of the four albums they released Antimatter (1993) knocking around on cassette and caught them live on quite a few occasions. If their music doesn’t stick around particularly in your memory,… Continue Reading →

Radionics Radio – An Album Of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies (Sub Rosa)

OK, I have lost sight of mainland music and am adrift in waters uncharted by Ave Noctum. Considering what we do cover that is some achievement. So we’ll start with the basics: What is music? When I was in school… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Superstition (Metropolis)

As it is literally chucking it down out the skies and I have been contemplating going out in it but feel somewhat trapped like one of the children in The Cat In The Hat, I felt the time is right… Continue Reading →

Blutmond – The Revolution Is Dead (Code 666)

Despite what I wrongly thought the Swiss have actually had their fair share of revolutions and had a short but humdinger of one in 1847 which led to the country becoming a federal state. Anyway before I start doing more… Continue Reading →

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