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Lucifer- Lucifer II (Century Media)

Johanna Sadonis might best be described as dynamic. After abruptly leaving her former band, The Oath in 2014 she quickly moved towards creating Lucifer. No time or efforts were wasted as ex-Cathedral riff master Gaz Jennings came on board to… Continue Reading →

Whiskey Ritual – Blow With The Devil (Art Of Propaganda)

This is more like it. Been listening to a lot of technical death metal for the boss lately and, well, I’m all tech’d out. Much as I appreciate the awesome musicianship of some of these bands they can sometimes lack… Continue Reading →

Speedtrap – Straight Shooter (Svart)

Their last release ‘Powerdose’ was one of the albums of the year on many lists when released in 2013, this hyper active speed and metal act had their eye on the prize for that one. With ‘Straight Shooter’, the energy… Continue Reading →

69 Eyes – X (Nuclear Blast)

Those Finnish Dark Rock Vampire Sleaze Glam Metallers 69 Eyes have chosen to inflict their tenth gothic Metal-ish studio album on their predominantly female, predominantly young, predominantly gothic audience – considering which who can blame them? This is a band… Continue Reading →

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