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Rogga Johansson – Entrance To The Otherwhere (Transcending Obscurity Records)

On one side of the “bread n butter” death metal spectrum we have artists yearning for the glory of yesterday, struggling to stay relevant. On the other side, young whippersnappers with nostalgia in their eyes flap vainly for our attention… Continue Reading →

Gods Forsaken – Smells Of Death (Soulseller Records)

A couple of years back I slotted Gods Forsaken’s debut album “In A Pitch Black Grave” into my end of year top 20. It was a classic claw-hammer to the skull of a Swedish death metal album. Pure, undiluted and… Continue Reading →

Nattravnen – Kult Of The Raven (Transcending Obscurity Records)

When I was a young(ish) lad in the mid-eighties I used to love King Diamond. I was a big fan, not so much of the marmite vocals but of the way each album told an original horror story from beginning… Continue Reading →

Ribspreader – The Van Murders Part 2 (Xtreem Music)

Another day, another album featuring Rogga Johansson lands on my mat. Seriously mate….. what are you on? Anyway, Ribspreader are a Swedish death metal band with quite some pedigree. This is their seventh album and the follow up to “The… Continue Reading →

The Grotesquery – The Lupine Anathema And Other Blood-Curdling Tales Of Horror And The Macabre (Xtreem Music)

The Grotesquery is one of my ‘secret bands’. Not too many of my mates have heard of them and yet this band have produced some of the finest horror concept death metal albums that you’ll ever hear. It’s odd that… Continue Reading →

Akatharta – Spiritus Immundus (Pulverised Records)

Blimey, this is one scary record. Now, just like I’m not the biggest black metal fan (gloomy, shed burning, badger painted fairies) I’m not the biggest fan of doom metal either. With a few exceptions I tend to find it… Continue Reading →

Johansson & Speckmann – Edge Of The Abyss (Soulseller)

If you look up “Busy motherfucker” in the Oxford English Dictionary, chances are you’ll be confronted by a photo of Swedish guitar lord Rogga Johansson. This bloke is in so many bands he makes Shane Embury look like a workshy… Continue Reading →

Interview – Kam Lee

One of the finest death metal vocalists of all time, Kam Lee is a busy bloke. He’s death metal royalty in my view – having performed in some of the most seminal bands in the genre (Mantas / Death /… Continue Reading →

Revolting – Visages Of The Unspeakable (FDA Rekotz)

Old Rogga Johansson’s a busy bloke. This must be the third album in as many months I’ve had through that he’s played on and he makes Shane Embury look like a bit of a lazy bastard. This is their fifth… Continue Reading →

Paganizer – Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney to Hell) (Cyclone Empire)

Yes it’s that man again, the one man SweDeath juggernaut Rogga Johansson, perhaps with his most recognisable outfit, the first vinyl release (although fans of the band will know this was given away free in a Swedish magazine in November… Continue Reading →

Ribspreader – Meat Hymns (Vic)

I do love a bit of ‘proper’ Swedish death metal, and if you do too then Rogga Johansson (guitars / bass / vocals) will be a familiar name to you. I mean the guy is busy….. and when I say… Continue Reading →

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