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Robespierre – Garden Of Hell (Shadow Kingdom)

From literally the opening notes of ‘Punish Oppressors’ this reeks of the NWOBHM, which I guess makes sense as that’s where their origins are although it seems to have taken them from 1983 until now to move beyond the demo… Continue Reading →

Apostle Of Solitude – From Gold To Ash (Cruz del Sur)

When a band is called Apostle Of Solitude, only one conclusion can be drawn: this must be doom metal. “From Gold To Ash” is the fourth full-length album of the American band and essentially an archetype of traditional doom. From… Continue Reading →

Doom Metal Lexicanum – Aleksey Evdokimov (Cult Never Dies)

I’ll start out here by saying this is some book. A suitably hefty tome and no mistake, wrapped in another marvellous cover by artist David Thiérrée (a print of which is also available from the publisher for a modest add-on… Continue Reading →

Spiritus Mortis – The Year is One (Svart)

Finnish doom, you say? Oh, go on then! It is, of course, impossible to mention this branch of the slower, heavier, doomier genre without name-checking heavyweight outfit Reverend Bizarre, so we may as well go the whole hog and dive… Continue Reading →

Wretch – S/T (Bad Omen Records)

Right from the off, I need to be honest that writing an unbiased review of this album is going to be a bloody hard thing to do. The Gates of Slumber, Wretch vocalist/guitarist Karl Simon’s prior outfit was one of… Continue Reading →

Seamount – Nitro Jesus (The Church Within)

If you are new to this here name then a) welcome, come on in and b) fair warning that Seamount are not here to shake their dicks for you. Understood? Good. So what are they here to do? Really? Well… Continue Reading →

Apostle of Solitude – Of Woe and Wounds (Cruz Del Sur)

Not too long ago a certain cow tongued wig wearing dinosaur very publicly lambasted the internet and heralded it as the death of rock and roll. I’d like to reply to his contention; fuck off you stack heeled twat! Yes,… Continue Reading →

Angel Witch – As Above, So Below (Rise Above)

I know life isn’t fair, or even designed to be, but there are some bands who just didn’t seem to get a half decent crack of the whip first time around. I don’t mean through simple bad luck, but also… Continue Reading →

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